Square Enix Launch ‘Introducing’ Hitman: Absolution Trailer Series

Square Enix and IO Interactive today revealed Introducing: Agent 47, the first gameplay trailer in a new original series. Created entirely from original gameplay moments, Introducing is dedicated to show the richness, depth and possibilities surrounding the living and breathing world of Hitman: Absolution - powered by IO Interactive’s new proprietary GLACIER 2 technology.

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BlmThug2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Too much focus on casual gamers and action rather than stealth

PersonMan2758d ago

Shut up. It looks awesome.

aCasualGamer2758d ago


Hey hey hey! I resent that comment of yours.

Jokes aside, they haven't showed the game properly yet. Wait til E3 or autumn before criticizing it.

ShabbaRanks2758d ago

@aCasualGamer you’re 100% right. And Io interactive has always released trailers with a lot of action. But in the end, when you actually played the game there was always the stealth or more action orientated approach.

Occasionally some missions forced you to forget about stealth like the requiem mission in Blood money. But in the end Hitman games are 90% stealth, unless you didn’t care about that lovely silent assassin rating :P

SPAM-FRITTER-1232758d ago

agreed. it seems as if they have done to hitman what conviction was to splinter cell.

personman...telling someone to shut up because of there opinion makes me think your one them casual gamers thug mentioned.

humbleopinion2758d ago

At least they give you the option to carry get rid of the bodies. As much as I liked Conviction I really missed that feature in the game.

bauer0072758d ago

Look at EVERY blood money trailer! Action as well you doughnut, they show off action in trailers.....

deep_fried_bum_cake2758d ago

A game like this is played as stealthily or non stealthily as the person playing makes it. This is a trailer, I've said it before and I'll say it again, trailers are made to show of the action in these types of games as well as the stealth.

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user54670072758d ago

Looks good

Shame this game didn't get a well deserved Collectors Edition


Before you mention the Professional Edition, that is NOT a CE, it's a Limited Edition with DLC and a small artbook.

gtxgamer22758d ago

Wow, that looks amazing! this will be the first Hitman game ive ever played!

Adexus2758d ago

Definitely play through the others, except the first in my opinion that's completely skippable.

stuntman_mike2758d ago

they have improved the gunplay tenfold. another game i cant afford :(

reznik_zerosum2758d ago

hitman 2.3.4 are some of the best games for me,pls dont fail

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