Discover the World with Unfinished Swan for Sony PSN

Sony’s push for independent games continues to be a pretty solid one, with the likes of Shawn McGrath’s Dyad, the innovative Papo & Yo and several others coming to the PlayStation Network over the next few months. But one that slipped under the radar for some time – and is just now resurfacing – is The Unfinished Swan. First started as an independent project under the guidance of Ian Dallas in 2008, the game has since grown into a huge exclusive for the Sony camp. Recently, the company, along with Ian’s team at Giant Sparrow, invited us to get a first look at the game, leading into the huge showing it’ll be getting at E3 next month.

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GribbleGrunger4043d ago

this is looking more and more intriguing by the day.

Simon_Brezhnev4043d ago

Santa Monica must got a lot of pull in Sony i say more than Naughty Dog. They literally help like all Sony studios and a lot of independent.

vikingland14043d ago

Very neat concept I hope they are able to pull it off!

smashcrashbash4043d ago

Sony's studios are usually able to pull these kind of concepts off whether people appreciate it or not

TheModernKamikaze4043d ago

I like the concept.
It has potential.