6 Things We Want in Black Ops 2 Zombies

With the announcement that Black Ops 2 would be the next big Call of Duty title, I had only one question on my mind: Will Zombies make a return? Thankfully, developer Treyarch has kept with tradition and has promised new Zombies game modes and enhancements. For me, Zombies was the best part of CoD: Black Ops 1. I preferred doomed strategizing and agonizing over “The Box” compared to the hectic structure of the normal multiplayer modes, as well as the sci-fi storyline blended into the base Black Ops engine.

That all said, this announcement could mean a lot of things for Zombies. What types of enhancements to the platform should we expect?

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Ricksta_132759d ago

A 2nd level Pack-A-Punch Machine, where to use costs 50k to use. Get some crazy ass upgraded guns. Had many games of zombies where i`ve had a stupid amount of points and nothing to do with them.