El33tonline Editorial: PS Vita Coverage Round-up: Facts, Opinions and Predictions

Tom at El33tonline writes:

"Sales of PS Vita aren’t as healthy as Sony would have hoped for. In Japan the Vita has sold just 667 877 units since it launched there in December last year, with first week sales accounting for almost half this figure. From what I’ve read, Vita sales are not much better in Europe and the system lags behind the 3DS in most territories, including North America. This trend looks set to continue unless Sony drops the price of Vita to less than $200 and brings out the big guns at E3 in June."

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remanutd552359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

i agree with a lot of things the journalist said, Mortal Kombat just came out this week, Resistance is a couple of weeks away, Gravity Rush a month away and then is Little Big Planet, hopefully Warrior's Lair gets a summer release date too.

i think the apps like youtube and others will eventually come and after the team thats working on psone compatibility is done sony should put another or the same engineers to work on full compatible remote play ps3 titles ( if they dont have a team working on that already)

as for vita holidays launch line up i think it will be revealed at E3.

oh and Little Big Planet better get a june release date, cant wait!!!

supremacy2359d ago

So do, but I think it will take time for a lot of these features and requests to get implemented. Testing and research and all that including politics are involve, so we'll see soon enough.