Why Publishers are not a Fanboy’s Friend

“Fanboy” has become one of the Internet’s more pejorative terms, referring to a person who identifies excessively with a particular franchise, organisation or product. These fanboys defend that particular aspect with dogged determination and engage or instigate flame wars on comment threads or discussion boards; ignoring opposing arguments that do not sympathise with their point and aggravating other users.

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MysticStrummer2752d ago

Fanboy is a badly overused term. Right now there's an article predicting the failure of the PS4. People who call out the obvious flame baiting are called fanboys by people like LOGICWINS... an ironic name if there ever was one.

Hicken2752d ago

Preferring anything around here is the same as being a fanboy. Thus, your opinions on anything are tinted by "fanboy goggles." And people like LOGICWINS get bubbles for faux-intelligent responses belittling people with an opinion different from their own.

Publishers are no one's friends. Not the developers', not retailers', not even their own. Hell, they're overall bad for the industry right now, being the greedy shits that they are. There are some exceptions, like ATLUS, but far too many publishers are trying to do any and everything to maximize their profits RIGHT NOW with no regard for how their stupid practices are going to negatively impact gaming in the years to come.

BrutallyBlunt2752d ago

Let me guess, you spend most of your time here defending the Playstation. That to me speaks volumes of just how biased you are.

(looks through profile history)

Yup, was right.

People need to get away from the name rand, in today's time most games are multipolar form so why is there such a focus on exclusives here on N4G? I play games, not platforms.

MrDead2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

To hate a system because of who makes it is stupid and shows you're maybe a little mentally stunted. You can tell who the nutty fanboy's are by looking at the comment history as they always seem to be commenting on "rival" games.

To have a preferred system is different, this gen I have a PS3 and PC because the games appeal more to me. I still play on the 360 but it doesn’t offer me the enough to own one. Next gen who known’s what I’ll have, I buy the system/system’s that cater to my gaming tastes.

My choice is nether right or wrong it serves only to quench my entertainment needs.

Fatty2752d ago

Except Atlus, NIS, and XSeed. They're the friends of fanboys... other than the whole lighter pocketbook thing.