Dark Souls on PC is going to blow the story wide open.

So I hadn't actually dug that deeply into Prepare to Die Edition other than just reading the few articles announcing it and the initial trailer, and only now do I realize the true breadth of content they are going to be adding to the fiction.

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ForeverGamer2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

*Prepare to Die Edition*

i didn't play Dark souls on ps3 or xbox yet
i'm going to buy the pc version
but the name is scary
and i finished demon souls

is it harder than demon souls ???

Trenta272756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

You don't even know, dude. The game is relentless.

Edit: How did someone disagree with me? Honestly.

ForeverGamer2756d ago

Wow !!!
then i will *Prepare to Die*.. alot

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2756d ago

No it was about the same difficulty, in fact I'd argue it's a TAD easier because you know what to expect.

Blacktric2756d ago

Someone who actually played both games more than 400 hours combined and platinumed them...

Blacktric2756d ago

No way. Just like how most people are still overreacting to the difficulty of Demon's Souls, they are doing the same for Dark Souls. It is a bit more difficult than Demon's Souls but not that much.

On topic; I hope it doesnt reveal much since the point of both Souls games are to discover everything yourself and piece together everything by using the small clues scattered around the game...

jthamind2756d ago

yes, it's harder than Demon's Souls, but if you've finished DeS, then you'll definitely be able to finish DaS too.

the best tip i can give is to not go into DaS cocky just because you've beaten the first game. be patient, build a strong character, play smart, and you'll get through DaS without TOO many headaches. lol.

ipe2756d ago

no, its not harder than demons souls, and thats coming from guy with both platinums.

Captain Qwark 92756d ago

agreed. i found demon souls 10x harder. dark souls difficulty is over-rated, problem spots here and there ( ornstein and smough, spider chick ( blight boss ), blight town in general, the small ledge with arrow guys in anor londo ) other than those areas i breezed through the game

BlueTemplar2756d ago

the NG+ and onwards is significantly harder in Demons Souls, whereas in Dark Souls each additional play only felt very slightly harder than the last.

I think that was probably a good call though given that you had to do 3 runs at least to get the platinum.

Summons752756d ago

It is but not in the sense that people make it out to be. Things like poison were brought over from demon souls but then there is Toxic (which is basically poison 2.0) and that can be stacked with poison to pretty much decimate your health. The boss fights are puzzle esque but just hit hit dodge repeat (bosses may look awesome but the fights have no flavor)

Don't get me wrong I loved the game but some of the things they did to make it harder are borderline unfair.

HarvesterOSarow2756d ago

I thought Dark Souls was a bit, if not a lot, easier than Demon's Souls. It was difficult don't get me wrong, but it could be that From Software knew their audience was bigger so that made it a touch more accessible, or it could have been simply because once I mastered Demon's Souls, the skills just transferred over?

Both amazing games of course, and they deserve the praise and purchase!

kevnb2756d ago

its not that bad with a walkthrough.

Psychonaughty2756d ago

I think the difficulty is over empahasised tbh, yeah it's rock hard but always fair and I think it's wrong to focus on just that, as the game has so much else going for it. It's an amazing adventure/rpg exploration game with an immense atmosphere and sweet loot and monster design, get it for those reasons.

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MWH2756d ago

i hope the the PC's addtional contents comes to consoles DLC.

Hellsvacancy2756d ago

It will im sure, my logic is the dlc was probably made on consoles along with the full game

Nerdmaster2756d ago

"Prepare to Die" is what The Witcher 2 title should say. I'm stuck at the first battles in the beginning of the game. I drink potions beforehand, I dodge like hell, and I still get owned...

HarvesterOSarow2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Witcher 2 actually gets much easier as you progress. In the beginning when you're new to the controls and have weak weapons and armor, it makes it very difficult to beat multiple opponents. I finished the game before the end of the first week, and by the time I got to the end I was like "where's the challenge?" and then I played the arena with pre-set (crappy) weapons that you have to upgrade, and got owned again.

I did end up making it to 35 of the arena though...after I already died and forfeited my score of course haha.

Lirky2756d ago

I platinumed dark souls for Ps3 and i know that maybe Dlc will release someday for the Pc content.

kevnb2756d ago

I dont think dark souls is really all that hard, its just that most games on consoles these days are embarrassingly easy.