New Warhawk Images

With hundreds of flying machines in air, Warhawk's gameplay should be pretty intense.

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Bhai5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

...environments are good but such destructible environments in seamless worlds with procedural waters, volumetric clouds, intense ambient land and air battles with multitiple gameplay transitions are a fascination to behold. More stunning is the pic where the plane is so close to ground and soldiers are running, who could expect such great nuances like equally outstanding on-foot campaigns from a flight shooter game ! AWESOME !!!

kewlkat0075850d ago

But this game will be crap. I would rather buy DMC4 with my PS3 at launch. This game is not bringing anything new here to airplane shooters. The tilt controller(gimmeick) is sony's tool, to try to hype this game. One of the few PS3 titles I think you will feel stupid waving the controller up and down to avoid oncoming airplanes.

checkout DMC4 now thats good-looking gameplay.

UrbanJabroni5849d ago

You may rather get DMC4 versus Warhawk at launch, but you might as well want MGS4...

...neither game will be available until 2007..