Visceral Games developing DotA-style action-RTS?

According to a job advertisement for a Systems Designer, Visceral Games is seeking an individual with “significant work experience on MOBA, Action RTS, Action RPG, or Related Genres”.

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Burning_Finger2413d ago

F that. Give me Dead Space 3 or a New Survival Horror Game.

soundslike2413d ago

Maybe they are and just need help fine tuning gameplay elements. Just because they need someone with a games style's expertise, doesn't necessarily mean they are making that genre to a T. It could just mean they aren't confident in balancing the numbers of damage behind things, or weapon ranges.

Letros2413d ago

Everyone wants a piece of the MOBA pie...

AusRogo2413d ago

No. They are working on Dead Space 3! Right, right, right!?