Microsoft to release muscle-based controller?

Is this the future of controller-free gaming? Will Kinect be trumped?

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astroanthony2756d ago

This is a very good concept for disabled.

stecarter912756d ago

This and that concept of controlling a game with your eye movement and anyone, literally, will be able to play games no matter of their ability/physicality.

stecarter912756d ago

This could make us one step closer to the augmented reality future that i really hope were going to see one day. This would be truly awesome to use as a means of controlling TV's etc.

THC CELL2756d ago

i cant see this idea working straight away but with some more work this may be the future..

Fishy Fingers2756d ago

Wouldnt expect to see this on their consoles anytime soon. But it's practical applications are almost limitless. Although, I doubt this is the first of its kind.

xAlmostPro2756d ago

Bloody hell, soon microsoft will be asking you to wear full body out fits just to play games.

Patriots_Pride2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

That would be awesome - something like tron would be nice.

But what I would really like to see is something like inception where you go into your dreams but instead you go into a game that someone has programed.

xAlmostPro2756d ago

Lol yes and no to your comments.

The concept is cool but to be honest games will never be full immersive until you have either a room in which can display holograms around you or a form of HUD that displays your scenario infront of your eyes no matter which way you look.

This is my major hate of motion gaming, seems like cheap cash in's instead of pumping money into the resources for funding the future tech

stecarter912756d ago

As opposed to using Kinect, this would probably be the only way of getting true 1-to-1 replication of motion on a console or via any other motion controlled device.

I thought a pair of gloves would be coming with Kinect next, allowing the tracking of individual fingers and gestures but this would undoubtedly trump it.

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The story is too old to be commented.