48 Things That You Should Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Last week, I headed down to visit with Treyarch in Santa Monica to get an extended look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Our visit was entirely hands-off, and consisted mostly of a series of in-game demos of missions from the single-player campaign, as well as a new open-ended single-player mode called "Strike Force." The in-game missions were mostly set during a drone attack of Los Angeles, but we caught a few glimpses of other sections, as well.

Rather than write a huge narrative preview, I thought I'd just cut right to the chase and list as many facts about the game as I could.

I almost hit Stephen's standing record of 50, but fell just short. Oh well! There's a reason he's the boss.

Here now, 48 facts about Call of Duty: Black Ops II. From single-player to Strike Force all the way to Multiplayer and Zombies. (Less info on those last two, unfortunately.) Buckle up. Let's start with...

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CommonSense2359d ago

i've seen about a million articles on COD9 in the last 2 days. they have no quality or substance. it's just pandering to the bottom rung of the gaming community.

360GamerFG2359d ago

I don't remember you chiming in on the hundred or so Playstation battle royal articles.
Also, if you actually read the article you'd see it contains alot of info like branching storylines and gameplan options.

CommonSense2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

i didn't chime in on the ps battle royal because i couldn't give 2 sh!ts about it.

am i supposed to "chime in" on everything that i don't care for? this wasn't enough?

also, if i actually read the article, i would have lost precious minutes of my life.

Starbucks_Fan2359d ago

There's only one thing you need to know: BF3 will be better than this

CaptainFaisal2359d ago

I completly dissagree with you ! This is something new we have never seen bofore in any call of duty game! driving planes, drones etc... you might think well ya Battlefield 3 has that to ! but ya they do but not in call of duty style ! has their been ever a game where you can drive veachles, horses, control soldiers and AI, Airstrikes, Huge Story, Good Graphics, Call Of Duty style? No? well then try it before you say thats battlefield or anyother game is better than this!
Good Job treyarch! In my opinion Treyarch are the best call of duty devolopers withought them call of duty would be dead! they changed the game!

brodychet2359d ago

lmao, dude. I'm pretty sure that was the Single-Player, not much control over vehicles in COD.
Also. You need to calm down.

oNIXo2359d ago

They said the same thing about Black Ops and it was just more of the same.

CommonSense2359d ago

i'm no grammar nazi, but reading you comment really made me cringe. unless you're 6, you have no excuse for that.

DeadSpaced2359d ago

This looks quite interesting. I, as one who speculates cautiously concerning the CoD series, find this intriguing. I notice how are Treyarch is trying to live up to the hype surrounding Block Ops II. I think they just might do so.

Black Ops II, you have gotten my attention. You'll be on my radar for quite some time.

neutralgamer192359d ago

Only one thing to know. It will be the same stale bs game as usual.

WeskerChildReborned2359d ago

" As they put it, they are aiming for "PC quality graphics running at 60 FPS on a console." "

I'll believe it when i see it.