When Will The "Video Game Movie" Be Taken Seriously?

Gaming Steve argues what it will take for the "video game movie" to be taken seriously. If Lord of the Rings could be successfully translated into a multi-billion dollar worldwide phenomenon then there is hope for video games.

The article states: "As I watched Valdemort and Dumbledore throw down in Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, a little voice in my brain was muttering "boss battle" and waiting for the inevitable button sequence to flash. Sentinels attacking Zion in the final Matrix movie … a really well choreographed Zerg rush. Except for the Frank Miller art direction, 300 could've been an expansion pack for Rome:Total War. Darth Maul? Not only a corpse-camper, but I'm pretty sure that double-bladed light saber was twinked gear.

If there is one thing that truly does need to change, it's how these movies get made in the first place."

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Darkiewonder3935d ago

They make video games for movies to just go along with the movie. IT's always rushed. Lacking in so much from graphics to gameplay. One day they might get it right.

Relcom3935d ago

Its like sayin when will the Arizona Cardinals be taken seriously.

tethered3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

@ Relcom
Being from St. Louis, I couldn't agree more.

We felt the same way before they moved and still feel that way.
Yep, good old Bill Bidwell.

Relcom3934d ago

I am a 49ers fan, so with the glory days gone. I feel your pain, just not near as bad your.

Bill Bidwell is a Jackass, I can't believe he has done what he has done for this many years.

Feihc Retsam3934d ago

Why did they even mention the LOTR???
Do they think IT was a game before it was a series of books??


Many great movies were first books... That has nothing to do with video games

deeznuts3934d ago

hey, I'm a Dolphins fan. *Puts paper bag back on

tethered3934d ago

I can't believe you took it off to begin with.

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Cat3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

"Valdemort"? Maybe when they start reading the books the movie was based on that the video game is based on that the...well, you get where I'm going. Most games based on movies are just a cash-in based on a cash-in. Until people take pride in the work, they'll be little more than that; a cash-in.

Maldread3934d ago

Uwe Boll needs to be banned from making movies period, not just movies of games.

But Silent Hill was an interesting film to be honest. Very weird, but in a good way. I havn`t played the games so much, so it`s a bit hard to say how close it is to the game for me. I also think the FF Advent Children movie was very cool.

I was hoping the upcoming MGS would follow the FF AC approach with CGI instead of real actors, as i think this get`s closer to the games in terms of visual style. I can`t see myself approving a actor which dosn`t look or sound like Snake, because he`s such an important aspect when you play. Still, looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Problems with transferring great books to the film have been troublesome and still is, so i`m not sure if it`s the story`s of the games which suck so badly. I think MGS, FF, Diablo, God of War (film being made now i think), Halo (havn`t played through the story, so don`t be offended if i`m wrong) and Killzone do have great stories, as i`m sure others will agree. So i don`t think it`s the stories themselves which is bad, although some obviously is ment for disaster, like another fighting game Mortal Combat (sorry MK Red ;)).

But getting things to work in a different format than it usually works, takes some effort and (kind of like porting to different consoles ehh ;)), and sadly i must agree with Darkiewonder above me. They do seem to be made for a quick buck. It would be great if more talented directors could take a shot at it too, so i was sad to hear the Halo movie is in trouble, because Peter Jackson would be a producer and perhaps he could have shown the way for game-movies to be made, even though bad one`s would definitely still be around.

Salvadore3934d ago

When they actually bother playing the games and making them suckless.