Dark Alex to release Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 today

MathieuLH let slip on IRC that Dark Alex is to release the 3.80M33 Custom Firmware today.

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360sucks3935d ago

this is what i want 2 hear

pwnsause3934d ago

wait I thought this guy quit, oh well.

mighty_douche3934d ago

He quits after every Firmware but always comes back with another. Hes become quite the leg-end!

Sony really need to offer this guy a job!

Evil Rant Monkey3934d ago

I'm still at 3.30oe

I just can't be bothered downloading all the eboots and firmware packages and going through all that crap for a psp. It would be nice if he made a custom installer.

tatotiburon3934d ago

sony should pay dark alex for his work, he is the reason why psp is not doomed

YoMeViet3934d ago

i need to get a pandora's battery then....

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