Does SWTOR Suck Or Are the Standards of Measurement Unbalanced?

There is a lot of talk going around about SWTOR being a letdown. We’ve already hashed and rehashed the comparisons to other MMOs, WoW in particular. While some say that SWTOR is just not measuring up, there is one who makes a very valid point: maybe we’re not measuring with the same ruler.

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Servbot412754d ago

Its literally WoW in space. If you want WoW in space then it doesn't suck; if you don't (I wanted KotOR3), then yeah, it sucks.

Spinal2754d ago

End game for swtor sucks. The actual gameplay mechanics suck technically. I played the Guild Wars 2 beta and its miles above swtor technically and gameplay wise. Combat animations and graphics.

Drake1172754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I actually really like playing swtor up until i hit 50. The story was great and i never got bored at all. But as soon as i hit max level i got bored quick. It seemed like Bioware really focused on story telling and the leveling experience but then couldn't grasp what mmo players really want in order to be long time subs. Once Bioware adds more comfort of living features and end game content i'm very likely to return.

Kamikaze1352754d ago

I think the biggest letdown is EA having too big of an ego to cut down on most of the servers. It launched with way too many and most servers feel dead because of this. I remember a few weeks back when I played, I only ever saw one player outside of the fleet running around in the 20 or so hours (altogether) I put into SWTOR in the week I played.

atticus142754d ago

the end game is just too grindy and they are already having tendencies to crap on the players that suffered through all that grinding (random gear bags in pvp anyone?? enjoy your 4th duplicate boots!) by making it easier with the next patch down the road. You either make it a grind, or average progress or casually easy and you stick with it.

anyway, with GW2 coming out and no sub fee I'm in heaven. I should note however that I did enjoy my time with swtor, which was quite a bit and i feel i got my money's worth, but i also felt it was time to move on and i probably would come back if it wasnt for some really nice games on the horizon.

Planet Side 2
Torchlight 2
Diablo 3
and countless others
and im still enjoying the heck out of BF3

no reason to pay a sub when you have this much quality gaming with a one time cost and i can choose if i want their expansions or DLC if i still feel like playing after some time has passed