Grand Knights History Canceled By XSEED

Earlier today, XSEED Games released a statement that they would no longer be bringing Grand Knights History stateside despite a promised May released date. According to XSEED, the development resources were just not available in order to get Grand Knights History over to the United States.

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NewMonday2755d ago


do a Kickstarter now!

knifefight2754d ago

Sadly, funding isn't the issue.
The problem is lack of assistance from Vanillaware in getting the game functional in another regions, as the game includes an online component that was built for Japan. A publisher can only do what is made possible by the developer, and when Vanillaware is blowing it off to do other stuff, it doesn't matter what XSeed (or any publisher) does. I don't think Kickstarter would solve anything.

ArecxP2754d ago

Definitely agree with this. Money isn't exactly an issue, Vanillaware just doesn't really care about getting it stateside so they aren't willing to help out in that aspect but maybe a Kickstarter could just be an incentive to get them to either put someone aside or hire a third party to localize. Who knows?

Hicken2754d ago

That actually disappoints me rather significantly, as I tend to have high expectations of Vanillaware. Well, I guess it's not so lofty to just expect them to support their fans, though a lot of people think that gaming companies don't HAVE to do that these days.

Anyway, now I'm a little worried about Dragon's Crown.

Afirmitive2755d ago

I have been waiting for nothing. I can't believe this news!

for we are many2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO....I was really waiting for this game. Now I need to work on those Japanese classes..err

No, seriously, please..anybody bring this game to the west downloadable or retail

GuruStarr782755d ago

was it a turn-based game? if so, I'm not suprised by the news..

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