Black Ops 2: HDR, Reveal Mapping, more - The "new" engine explained (video)

Dan Bunting, Director Online for Black Ops 2, talks about the engine of the new Call of Duty game.

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MiamiACR212755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

He used the term "Photo realistic" when referring to the COD engine. I appreciate his enthusiasm, but when you've only got a year to make a full-fledged game, I can only feel sad for the team that they're still working on Call of Duty; and also hope that they find success in terms of quality in this game.

Tonester9252755d ago

I thought it was 2 years?

Sillyace922755d ago

"[...]the result is a much more photorealistic, and believable, setting[..]"

Context is a wonderful thing

MiamiACR212755d ago

It's two years for IW, and one year for Treyarch. That's how they're able to produce one after the other in such a speedy fashion, with IW's games generally coming out with more polish.

@Sillyace92: Yes, I understand I took the word out of context, but even so, using "Photo realistic" when referring to some worn out and dated engine that will never even reach, say, Halo's engine standard of texture quality in it's lifetime, is just pointless. The words "More graphically impressive" would have been better used, since no game since Crysis has come close to resembling a photo taken of the real world.

h311rais3r2755d ago

Uh how is it 2 for iw and 1 for treyarch? Both get the same time dude

adamant7152755d ago

Haha what? A new cod game is released by treyarch every other year. Leaving 2 years between each entry

humbleopinion2755d ago

@MiamiACR21, I can see where your mistake might be coming from: you think they take the new IW engine each time a MW game is released.
But ever since WAW they Treyarch engine branched out from the IW engine, so effectively this new engine is a summation of 2 years of work on the previous BlackOps engine.

There's actually a huge advantage for this kind of proccess: while the engines branched out, it is still relatively easy to port new features from one branch to the other (it's not a magic press of a button but it easier than most engines at least).
So effectively with each iteration you're getting 2 years of engine overhaul work (which is similar to most games in the market) + benefits from the concurrent development of a "sibling" engine.

And it shows, since the games in the franchise keep getting marginal improvements which over a few iterations look very good. Compare the new engine to the one in the first MW and you will notice that it made quite some progress over the years, while still keeping the 60fps target that only a few select games are actually able to offer.

InFAMOUS12754d ago

Its 2 years for both studios. by your logic, every other year there would be NO CoD. You should check your math friend.. Example... CoD4(2007) [email protected](2008) MW2 (2009) Black Ops(2010) MW3(2011) Black Ops 2(2012... And I dunno what CoDs you have played but IW don't put no polish on their games. They are unbalanced, laggy, poor design and always feel rushed. Treyarch makes well balanced and actually update their titles as the community asks for changes. You are just a troll.

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GraveLord2755d ago

Uh they got 2 years to make the game.

Infinity Ward and Treyearch takes turns releasing their games each year. Leave it to a troll to not know such a simple fact.

Xenial2755d ago

And you honesly think 2 years is enough to make a huge difference?

Xenial2755d ago

And you honestly think 2 years is enough to make a huge difference?

darren_poolies2754d ago

And you honestly think 2 years is enough to make a huge difference?

I just want to fit in :(

Muffins12232754d ago

Acully,a good amount of games are made in around 2 years....but i hate cod

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Lazy_Sunday2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

They get almost two years to dev each CoD after CoD4, not one single year. There's a team that develops the game, a team that plans for the next game while the game is still in development, a team that works on DLC and maintenance after it's release, and a team for a team that makes teams for other teams. They're just easy to pop out, since most of the components are already made for the game. I know they're turning a piece of shit, but it still takes a long time to make even a shit game. Games are hard to make, remember--I know that makes CoD inexcusable, but can you really blame Acti for trying to take advantage of an opportunity to turn a good profit without crunching the shit out of a good game?

There's a story and a lot of heart and passion under fifteen feet of crap. Call of Duty.

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fossilfern2755d ago

Still sceptical but like I have said before Treyarch, compared to IW, seem to be the only ones actually putting in any kind of effort. I liked Black Ops the only real problem was 2nd chance in that game. Lets hope they still keep mod support for the PC, unlike Infinity Ward with MW3.

lsujester2755d ago

He can say all he wants, but the trailer I watched didn't look that great.

MiamiACR212755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Trailers are only a small taste of what's to come. But I see where you're coming from, and I understand the actual footage from the trailer was a bit scatterbrained, but the story itself seems to have been taken in an interesting direction. So it will either impress almost everyone, or it will impress almost no one. Time will tell, and they've still got time left on the development side of things; so lets cross our fingers and hope they pull something incredible, or close to it.

We win nothing if they don't, and we aim to lose 60 dollars at that. Let's cross our fingers and hope other trailers will paint a picture for us, on how good the game could be, and that it'll be 60 dollars well spent.

@Morganfell: I'm replying to Isujesters comment while taking the game as a whole into consideration, story included. Call of Duty doesn't have to worry about gameplay, it's solid and the controls are tighter than a nuns... well, they're tight. Story and graphics are all it has to worry about at this point, while correcting flaws in Mutiplayer Design while they're at it.

morganfell2755d ago

But this article isn't about the story, it is about the technology and in that department the most successful FPS series in the last 4 years has some of the most outdated looking technology.

Having certain capabilities in an engine is utterly useless if the team cannot capitalize on those strengths. Plenty of dev teams have made crap looking titles with the Unreal 3 engine and that is a great piece of technology.

Treyarch and 2025 can make all of the claims they want about their engine but if it doesn't bear out in the game then the technology is little more than a fat whitepaper to impress investors.

That said, the engine in it's current state will get the job done because the biggest issue with CoD that requires the most corrective action isn't the way it looks.

Even more impacting to the discerning gamer is the fact no great engine will save a title if the gameplay itself is broken.

enfestid2755d ago

Don't call it a new engine
It's been here for years

enfestid2755d ago

For those that obviously don't get it: it was a parody of the lyrics in "Mama Said Knock You Out."

Hicken2755d ago

You're expecting too much out of n4g members, man.

Tonester9252755d ago

He looks like Brian Wilson

theDECAY2754d ago

No, no, no, he looks like Brian Wilson.

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