CES 2008: Who soared, who crashed & burned?

Kieran Potts writes, "So, Blu-ray was the biggest winner at this year's CES. Toshiba and HD DVD, the biggest losers. But there was more happening on the show floor than the high-def disc battle."

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Whoooop3933d ago

"So, Blu-ray was the biggest winner at this year's CES. Toshiba and HD DVD, the biggest losers"


Leathersoup3933d ago

...I really liked the fact that HD-DVD was region free. Well maybe Sony will be nice and make Blu-Ray region free for us too. (fingers crossed)

xsteinbachx3933d ago

most blu ray dvds are coded, so you can still watch your blu ray movies from other countries.

Mikelarry3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

almost half of the world knows who burned REALLY BURNED. funny thing thier logo is fiery red hmmmm

@leathersoup i wished blu ray machine were region free as well that would have been the sweetest

lol @ EZCHEEZ.

leinadem23933d ago

I haven't bought a DVD in about 1 year Digial Distribution is the way to go I love VONGO and NETFLIX; besides I can watch all the movies in my ipot, my TV and computer. I used to buy DVDs but man they were expensive and I really watch a movie 1 to 3 times after that I can watch the movie so many times in cable that i get sick of that movie.

EZCheez3933d ago

Man, I've been looking for one of those everywhere. Absolutely nothing like cooking and listening to you favorite tunes all while tethered to the pot!

Rybnik3933d ago

Uh, that article was seriously lacking. Pioneer plasma=TV of the future...are they retarded??? Now, I've not yet seen OLED TV's in the flesh, but I understand that they are SO much more impressive that they will eventually outright crush lcd and plasma due to sheer versatility (flexible) and specs (better).

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