Leaked Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Screenshot Might Be Real

MP1st - "The one Black Ops 2 leak that got away.

Throughout the last two week, many of you have sent in a leaked screenshot of the mutliplayer HUD in Black Ops 2 that we couldn't verify. We were lead to believe it was fake, so we decided not to post it. However, this screenshot might have been real all along."

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WeskerChildReborned2413d ago

Some people are probably gonna thumb be down, But i'm looking forward to this, probably won't be a day one buy but it does look good and i'm glad it's actually innovative compared to Black Ops.

SecretPsycho2413d ago

Blacks ops did add customization,wager matches and the cod point system remember...not saying that's amazing but its the most they've changed a cod game

KyRo2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Exactly. Treyarch have done more for COD in their last two games than IW has done for COD.

MW3 was the same as MW2 apart from looked worse, changed up the killstreaks and not a lot else. MW1 was epic but IW will never match that game again.

FanboyPunisher2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

IW made COD4

All COD have not made any strides since then.
So basically dont tell me shit about cod not being the same intill they change their engine, UI, guns, buildings, assets, etc.

All COD4 to me, the rest is minor pixie dust, wager matches? lmao a gametype (dlc patchable) is innovation to spend another 60 bux? Idiot he is.

Your money, and your time you are wasting away.
Ye OK, This thread is FULL of COD sheeple.

They'd buy a TURD if it had COD stamped on it.
They'd sell their parents if they had to inorder to buy COD.

SlickShoes2413d ago

I will probably buy it too, like you I won't get it on day 1, but usually near release you will find it on offer in certain places for around half price. I got MW3 one week after release for £25 which I feel is a fair price for a yearly release game like this, I won't be duped into paying £45 ever again.

GanjaMan2413d ago

on release day its usually £25 - £29 in supermarkets i havnt paid more than £26 for a cod since 2008

r212413d ago

thumbs down? this aint no youtube!
and yeah, gotta agree. this COD looks more appealing than those other CODs. the only CODs ive played was WaW and some MW3 for the lols.

ACBAA2413d ago

is that the mp7? it's my fav gun on mw3 but i really dont wanna see it in BO2, unless they fix it of course

perdie2413d ago

there is nothing wrong with the mp7....

trenso12413d ago

I'm sorry but i had to look at that picture twice i thought it was mw3 for a second. But after looking at the HUD I can see i was wrong. But this is part the hype train that happens every year. I think we will see more screen shots until the inevitable E3 showing.

ThichQuangDuck2412d ago

It is hard to tell since all of the Call of Duty games look the same due to the fact that they are on the same engine. Could take a pic from anyone of the call of duty games looking at a wall and you would not know the difference. Looking at a wall is about as fun as the same old gameplay too in my opinion

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