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From the inclusion of the four fighters which were offered as DLC to the console versions (Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain, and Freddy Krueger), supplemental costumes, the bonus challenge tower, touch-screen fatalities, and even an AR-background mode, Mortal Kombat’s kitchen sink approach is commendable.

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sharpsword3341d ago

The graphics got "TOASTIED" it looks like.

Snookies123341d ago

People keep talking about the graphics, yet they look decent enough to me in every video I've seen. Besides, who cares if character models don't look as great, it runs at 60 FPS and has all sorts of extras. Plus only a 40 buck price tag? That's a "killer" deal if you ask me... Pun definitely intended.

Hicken3341d ago

They look good on system, too. Popped a copy into my Vita at work today to see what all the complaining was about. i still don't know. Looks and plays great.

pain777pas3341d ago

The graphics are dissapointing if you were looking for the game to look close to the console versions. I for one have played the game for hours because the game is fun and the gameplay is responsive to spot on with the console versions. This is no UMVC3 though where the game was hard to tell apar from the console versions. This game for any characters that have to show skin or skin detail the game just does not look good. I would say that Tekken 6 PSP character models look better than these in MK Vita. The backgrounds are pretty nice though. I would not have minded if the dropped some of the back grounds polys to beef up the characters but this is still a great game and you may find yourself just booting the game up to play test you slice. The game has EXCELLENT value. There is a ton of content so you will enjoy this purchase ultimately for sure.

RaptorMan3341d ago

I will get this and I will curse at the last boss, beacuse he is cheap.

madmad3341d ago

I'll take 60 fps over really pretty graphics any day.

CharmingMan3341d ago

$40 is bad at all for all this.

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