AusGamers In-Depth Call of Duty: Black Ops II Preview

AusGamers recently visited Treyarch in Santa Monica for a Call of Duty: Black Ops II preview event and writes:

"As for multiplayer, the entire experience will take place with the toys and setting of 2025, leaving a lot to the imagination. It’s probably the boldest move the team has made yet, and evidence Treyarch has essentially been left with the keys to the franchise. Of course, no Treyarch Call of Duty would be complete without Zombies, and Mark made a point to let us know it’s back in full force here, complete with co-operative play, bigger and better maps, and that it would be running off the multiplayer engine to keep the entire experience within the one lobby. We also had a brief look at a few multiplayer maps (Yemen being a stand-out), though they weren’t at all populated and it was essentially a developer camera fly-through. The team has done an outstanding job grabbing more oomph out of the CoD engine, and while I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see them build a whole-new engine from scratch to bring the series up to speed with some of its rivals, it’s looking like it’ll be the best visual entry in the series yet..."

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joab7772755d ago

I think i may like this despite my apprehension for anything cod. It appears very realistic. We are willing to pay China rediculous prices and grant them unbelievable power because we dont want to mine an energy source that we have in our back yards. Sound familiar? But at least we are doing our part to save the earth. I wonder if the narrative will include paying trillions to help other countries mine for it too. I guess world war is the better alternative especially when facts are murky at best and the GHG's being admitted are negligible at best. I am sold.

I do tip my hat to treyarch for moving forward. I will forgive the graphics update if they give us somethinh fresh. I remain cautious but optimistic for the first time in years.