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This year’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour game at least shows consistency from the year before, in that the changes made have been both erratic and unnecessary. Now that The Masters is a part of the franchise, EA haven’t felt the need to adorn the box art and game menus with promotions to let you know what an acquisition this has been; instead you now get a Notifications tab in a navigation bar on the menus that is littered with boasting about all the new features introduced. One of the biggest new additions – and something that some could see as an insult to their commitment to purchase – is a Coin system that operates as a freemium model by offering players the chance to buy in-game money to be used to ‘master’ DLC courses and eventually unlock unlimited use on them.

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Snookies122387d ago

Just started playing PGA 13 and I have to say it doesn't seem to live up to previous entries unfortunately. It's still Tiger Woods, and it's still fun, it just seems a bit bogged down now.