Editorial: BioWare and Gay Romances

Vanessa Laniawe: "BioWare is no stranger to giving players the power of choice in their games. Whether it’s as simple as dialogue options to delve deeper into the story, or huge plot-changing events that span the course of multiple entries in a series, BioWare is all about choices and consequences.

The first BioWare game I played was Dragon Age: Origins, and I loved it. I then went on to play the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age II, and the most pleasantly surprising thing I had encountered wasn’t the story. What was surprising — some may say shocking — was the same-sex romance options your character had."

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Valenka2756d ago

Yeah, well girls romance girls and guys romance guys in real life, hence the ability to do so in video games nowadays. It's not the inclusion of homosexual relations that's shocking - it's the reactions of gamers against it that is.

Getowned2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

As long as there are plenty of Heterosexual romance options in games then I really couldn't care. I don't like it in some games like when im just being a Goodly hero and being kind to people, one of the male charaters start hiting on me when I don't want a relation ship with them, when will Bioware learn being nice to someone dose not = wanting a gay relationship.