Game Scene Investigation: Final Fantasy XIII

If there's one triple-A game that's sure to shift a few PS3s, it's Square-Enix's upcoming RPG Final Fantasy XIII. Despite the insane interest in the title, little is known about the game's story, its characters and the battle system. So thought they'd let Game Scene Investigation loose on FFXIII, pouring through everything that's known about the game and offering up their own verdict on how it's shaping up.

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lonestarmt3931d ago

I think its way to soon to say most of the judgements he said in this article.

Reibooi3931d ago

Most of that was telling us things we already know and pulling random things out of thin air. The fact is not much is known about it yet because the game isn't anywhere near release. Once the game nears completion SE will no doubt release a ton of info and hype the game as much as they can.