It's not the same old 3D graphics in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi gets a briefing on the advances in 3D graphics for Black Ops II

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Outside_ofthe_Box2755d ago

The graphics look exactly the same to me... glad to hear they was able to squeeze a little more graphics performance while still being able to keep 60fps though.

Sadie21002755d ago

I definitely like the 60 fps. I'm glad that's still there, because it wouldn't be COD without it. But I agree...otherwise, those graphics seem a little underwhelming.

turgore2754d ago

Rage is 60fps, open world and has nicer graphics than COD.

Dark_Overlord2754d ago


I agree, however RAGE has horrendous texture pop in

papashango2755d ago

Wonder who's stupid enough to buy into this

2755d ago
Baka-akaB2754d ago

That's obviously not the argument made here come on .

he's just not convinced those arent the same graphics , and i concur .

That you and million of others enjoy the game regardless is another matter , and not an issue .

But stop taking offense when people do point out the lies those guy comes up with .

Especially if it's going to end up with a laconic , contradictory and cheap "graphics dont matter for cod anyway" . Not saying you'd use the argument i dont know , but that usually how it goes .

joab7772755d ago

Yeah it doesnt look much better. I will agree dynamic lightning does help but we will see. Just make the single player look awesome and then let the mp be what it is. It doesnt matter on console now anyway because unless you can do what killzone did you might as well focus on gameplay. The graphics are good enough. We want an evolution in multiplayer like halo 4's new spartan ops. I like the idea of mixing sp with mp. Maybe a mode that has teams facing off. against one another and enemies. It could get quite tactical. More customization is always great. Ps3 could add something for the vita. We would love to be able to do something with our character elsewhere. So many ideas.

DeadlyFire2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

If you have beans for dinner for 10 years. You will find different ways to change the taste, but it will always be from the same can of beans.

An engine upgrade is needed before I buy. Last game I rented and played through it. Played some MP and had no desire to ever return to it. So I will do the same with this.

J_Cob2755d ago

I'm a PS3 gamer so I have my doubts the game will run at 60fps, lol.

sourav932754d ago

That comment just proves you're not a ps3 gamer but just a PC troll.

J_Cob2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Not really. The PS3 version of Black Ops had frame rate problems that bugged me. You can watch the Digital Foundry and LensofTruth comparisons if you don't believe me. Also, the game ran at an even lower resolution than the Xbox 360 version mentioned in the Digital Foundry article. You're more of the troll by just dismissing what I say as trolling.

(Digital Foundry)


turgore2754d ago

Funny, I played it and ran and looked fine.

gintoki7772754d ago

No, they are completely different... now you can ride horses.

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naveenav2755d ago

the graphis is more any old cod graphics.different... :(

GraveLord2754d ago

This explains what you trolls really are.

vickers5002755d ago

Kind of has a Deus Ex Human Revolution feel to the graphics, what with all the bright gold blur.

PerpetualMathx102755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

its looks the same, its a shame they couldnt have started using a different engine or modified version back when black ops was being developed, it would have atleast set a different tone than the kind modern wafare showed. oh well if cod fans cared about graphics they wouldve stopped buying at modern warfare 2.

yabhero2754d ago

I totally want them to do that... But they can't unless it comes out for WiiU, NextBox and PS4. The current gen systems are holding it back...

Baka-akaB2754d ago

The current gen isnt holding them back at all . Only the fear of losing money if they change the engine .

There has been enough proofs already that they could run a better looking game even at 60 fps , if they cared to try .

Ninjamonkey822755d ago

Cant believe they chatting PC standard graphics. What year they chatting i saw this engine on cod2 :/ been the same every year seen then. All they do is add to it make it look abit nicer. But the engine remains the same.

Lay down next to a dead guy in cod4 waw mw2 blackops mw3 and for that fact codv1 and put your gun next to his head :) Just like in cod2 the head is like 5 times bigger than the gun and the arm holding the gun.

We been playing the same engine imo seen 2004 as PCgamers nothing new here. Expect this year we will get to float from platform to platform on horses back with laser guided missles shooting from the horses arse.

Oh yeah i forgot to mention we get to do all this while we are dodging an Intergalactic star fleet of homicidal penguins with suicide nuke vests straped to there backs.

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The story is too old to be commented.