Who cares about COD: Black Ops 2’s story?

Ben Salter of MMGN: The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer gets a big resounding “meh” from me. It’s set in a 21st century Cold War with explosions, horses and probably chatty Russians and looks very EActivision. It’s cool and confusing at the same time, but really, who cares?

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decrypt2759d ago

They should just sell the game with MP only. SP should be DLC lol.

VanillaBear2759d ago

I'm seeing a lot of "Who cares about story/graphic" articles but the thing is if it was any other game but COD it would matter and when the time comes for it to get reviewed it would of already lost marks. This better not get a free pass again

GraveLord2759d ago

After watching the trailer, I do.
Single-Player is necessary to set-up the setting that you will be playing in multiplayer.

If they just ditched single player and only did multiplayer, it would be boring. Many people play COD only for single-player believe it or not.

Trenta272759d ago

Really? I know a ton of people that don't even touch the single player. They have prestiged numerous times and yet don't have a single achievement unlocked for it.

AtomicGerbil2759d ago

Why do they bother with single player? Very few bother playing it, and the blink and you miss it length doesn't make for a fulfilling experience.

AusRogo2759d ago

referring to that meme, the horses are in a 1980s Afghanistan flashback.

supersonicjerry2759d ago

thank you. you actually read more into then just everybody else also.

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