Could An Apple and Valve Console Actually Work?

Could the two software giants really come together to produce something to challenge the big three in the future? Would it even be a smart business move to enter the console market this late in the game?

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mochachino2413d ago

I doubt it, both companies have opposite design philosophies. Valve thinks the more open the better, while Apple prefers a much more closed and controlled system.

Jdoki2412d ago

Valve may be open in terms of mods, SDK's and so on, but Steam is as closed and controlled as the iTunes and App Stores.

The ultimate closed system is a console - and yet Valve has worked with Sony to incorporate Steam. If they can do it with Sony they could do it with Apple.

Not that I think an Apple / Valve console will become a reality - but the parallels between Steam and iTunes Store might mean a closer alignment, as Steam is already on OSX.

Megaton2413d ago

Don't want Apple involved. It'll cost twice as much as it should, use all sorts of proprietary garbage, and they'll release a new iteration of the console every year with very minor upgrades.

decrypt2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

"It'll cost twice as much as it should, use all sorts of proprietary garbage"

Dont current console makers already do this?

Selling 6 year old hardware as next gen. Still charge 300usd for it.

Good luck trying to use a standard HD on a MS console.

Console gamers are already getting ripped off, adding Apple to the party wont be that bad lol, atleast they would then have the option not to be stuck with dated tech for a decade(for the ones willing to pay atleast).

Games4M - Rob2413d ago

When you build a 250Gb, blu-ray, equipped decent gaming machine for under £250 then come back and start bleating again. In the meantime though you should shut up.

MiamiACR212413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Could gamers brains start working so that they can finally figure out that it won't happen? The answer is no, to both questions.

Smashbro292413d ago

No. Apple blows and Valve doesn't. It's that simple.

Hicken2413d ago

Would it work? From a technological standpoint, I'm certain it would function.

Would people buy it? Not really.

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