Kinect Star Wars Review - These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For.... | MMGN.COM writes: Since the dawn of video gaming, we have dreamed of the day when a lightsaber would become reality. Kinect Star Wars was poised to be the first major realisation of that dream. Does Lucasarts provide the Jedi experience we have all been waiting for?

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neutralgamer192751d ago

i hear crickets in here why? Where are all the people that said this game was going to be awesome and a hardcore kinect game lol trying to validate their purchase. Oh i know they all moved on to Dragon ball z kinect articles lol and Skyrim with voice recognition (thats how you make Kinect worth while and hardcore lol hahahaha)

mr_badhand2751d ago

Who in the hell on this site said this was going to be awesome? Seriously? Even the hardest hardcore Xbox fan knew this game was a joke.

you're the only person who thinks that way for no reason dude.

now keep it moving, nothing to see here.

GribbleGrunger2751d ago

well done on living up to your user name

mr_badhand2751d ago

Can you force choke ewoks or jar jar binks?

Has that joke already been posted?

dredgewalker2751d ago

I would buy a 360 and kinect if I can choke jar jar in this game! I think if the game focused on how to creatively dispose of jar jar I think this game would be a hit for Star Wars fans.

neutralgamer192751d ago

In response to mr. bad hand.......

Please as soon as the first review came out which was like a 9 on this site ppl came swarming in saying "oh u see i knew this game would be awesome" Now you keep it moving dude, nothing to see here buddy.

mr_badhand2751d ago

You can actually reply to me. That's how this site works.

where? Where is this 9? One site gives it a 9 out of how many 3's and 1's. Who were these "swarms" of people who came to defend it?

Good one neutral gamer but the court rejects your claim due to lack of evidence. Now get out of here and don't come back unless you have hair on your chest and a beers for everyone!

neutralgamer192751d ago

In response to Mr bad hand......

Your not comical at all and stop assuming i don't know i can actually reply directly to your comments. FYI the company i work for is under a proxy server and for some reason i cannot directly reply to your lame responses.

By the way i don't need to show you any type of evidence lil one for me the four agrees i received is suitable. You live in your fantasy world where no one vouched for this abomination of a game and ill live in my reality world where i seen it with my own eyes.

By the way its cute your trying to be a smart ass and all pompous of course if your a girl, but if your a guy its making you look a little funny if you know what i mean lol . Now move it along good fella