Call of Duty Playing it Safe on Black Ops 2 to Avoid Fan Outrage?

RealGamerNewz Co-Founder Paul Ireson weighs in his extensive Call of Duty experience on the subject matter of the new plot and storyline details released by Treyarch about the "near future" setting of Black Ops 2 in this exclusive opinion piece article.

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Technical World2757d ago

All of the Call of Duty games play it safe. It's what they do, I don't see why this is newsworthy.

MySwordIsHeavenly2756d ago

Call of Duty didn't play it safe.

Call of Duty 2 didn't play it safe.

Call of Duty 4 didn't play it safe.

They were each revolutionary and will always be remembered as some of the finest FPS's in the history of gaming.

ChunkyLover532756d ago

I actually think Black Ops 2 isn't playing it safe. This is the first venture into the future with the series.

This is on par with the original Modern Warfare as far as I'm concerned.

GraveLord2756d ago

You obviously haven't seen the trailer for Black OPs 2. It's far from "playing it safe".

HavenDan2757d ago

Eh, they have no reason to break the mold anyway.

sunkisses2757d ago

what happened to call of duty in space? near future? that's lame...
i thought that's what modern warfare already is O_o

Swiggins2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Yeah, come to think of it, MW3 takes place in like 2016, you're gonna tell me that in 9 years we went from reasonable futuristic tech to Paramilitary Star Trek?! Da Fauq?!

MattyG2757d ago

What I'm wondering is if the Black Ops series is in a seperate universe from MW. Maybe we're only that technologicaly advanced in 2016 in MW, but in BLOPS were 5 years ahead of that in 2016.

StanLee2757d ago

Yeah, I think you guys are taking this a bit two seriously. I don't think the lore of both series intersect. They're two distinct properties with distinct worlds and histories that are unrelated to each other.

MattyG2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Ehhh maybe it's a little playing it safe, a little of wanting to be close enough to the original BLOPS so that they had a way to tie the story together. I believe the main character is Masons son, and Woods is in it. If it was too far into the future, neither of those would be able to happen. From a story perspective it makes sense not to go all out like BF2142.
P.S. If your wondering why I think the main character is Masons son, pause the trailer when he is looking at the map/watch thingy and it says the time, date, temp and then D. or O. Mason.

Criminal2757d ago

Yeah I agree on all the points you made, I'm just curious to see what they will do with the multiplayer. How different that is going to be will really affect the fans.

MattyG2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I feel like the emphasis on drones/machines/etc will really give a different feel to multiplayer. It might not be so much about infantry anymore. Treyarch seems like they know how to switch things up, so I'm confident that it will be good.

EDIT: @SuperBeast811 well mason was born in 1933, and he was still alive as of 1978ish, if he had a kid in the late 70's early 80's, the kid would be around 45. The COD franchise doesn't really have a problem with older protagonists. Just look at Price.

Suga Shane2757d ago

@ MattyG
I'm not completely sure that it is his son because he would be more near to my age, somewhere between 30 and 38, if he was born late '70s early '80s. I was born in 81 and will be 31 in November. If Mason was born in '33 he would be 82-83 in 2012, my grandfather is 82 this year, and he would have needed to been in his mid to late 40s when his son was born. I am now leaning on it being his grandson after reading what I wrote. I also feel that 3arch are better at telling stories in the CoD world so for all we know he is his own grandpaw!

SuperBeast8112757d ago

Given the age Mason would be it could be his grandson,his son by this point would probably be too old.

J_Cob2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

To me the guy with the tattoos looks like Woods' grandson. So maybe you play as Mason's grandson and your partner is Woods' grandson, lol. That would definitely be playing it safe.

J_Cob2756d ago

Actually in this interview they say you play as Mason's son so I'm assuming that the dude with the tattoos is Woods' son.

-Mezzo-2757d ago

Playing it safe is nothing new to the COD series.

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The story is too old to be commented.