OXCGN’s The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Review- Bewitching or too broken?


"Whilst many titles wait until you’re well into the game to show their ugly side, The Witcher 2 doesn’t exactly follow protocol; in the game’s prologue you’ll come face to face with the horrible side of porting a PC game onto console.

From magically getting hit in thin air to enemies running around oblivious to your existence, you’ll become extremely frustrated with the game, which could sway you into thinking that you’ve made one of the worst purchases of your life."

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Godem2359d ago

I couldn't get into the first game for some reason, dunno if its worth jumping straight to number 2. . .

RedDead2359d ago

It is, I haven't played the first. I played through W2 EE on PC a few weeks ago, no glitches at all. You don't need to play the first.

BadCircuit2359d ago

I didn't know there were so many glitches? Is that what others here have found?

Bimkoblerutso2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

There were quite a few glitches for me. Nothing game-breaking, but I had to reload several times from NPC's getting stuck in geometry, quests not activating properly, and even freezing on one occasion.

Also, I know for a fact that the texture pop-in is not NEARLY as bad in the PC version. It was so bad, it kind of reminded me of the original Mass Effect, actually.

Hicken2357d ago

... having to restart the game is pretty close to game-breaking, especially if it happens multiple times...

Belgavion2359d ago

Wanting to check this out, but 30 hours is a bit of an investment for something I'm only half-keen on

Mutant-Spud2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

It's over rated, to put it bluntly.
I found the combat annoying and cheap, it's difficult on purpose but unlike, say Dark Souls it's not fair, you get a lot of unfair deaths which is pretty frustrating.
The Biggest problems were the block that doesn't really block attacks, the riposte that only sometimes results in a counterattck and the maddeningly fast quicktime events.
The side activities like arm wrestling and boxing would rate as some of the least fun mini games I've played in recent times, the weapon and armour crafting isn't explained, you have to figure out which smiths can do which job because they can't all work with both weapons and armour and a lot of times your weapon won't work at all if you've equipped the wrong upgrade or oil for the enemy at hand.
The recipes and crafting diagrams are also obscure, you can't really tell what they do without buying them and they're not usually cheap.
There's a point at which these games become a waste of time, it's one thing to have to explore and discover to progress but when you set out on a quest then run into a random enemy blocking your path you might find you've wasted 15-20 minutes and a heap of gold on useless upgrades and potions and be unable to defeat the enemy until you either figure out it's weakness and re equip accordingly or find a bestiary tome which tells you how to beat it.
Plus levelling is glacially slow, I found that even after playing the major plotline and side quests I was still too weak and poorly armoured to make it out of the second chapter and once a certain event unfolds you can't simply go back and grind your character or craft new items, whatever you take into the boss level is what you're stuck with until you figure out how to go forward.

GrathiusXR2358d ago

I found combat in the beginning to be very frustrating but I reach level 10 in Chapter 1 and combat became so much easier.

Once you can dodge up to 200% that's all you really do. Dodge, hit, dodge equip some vitality potions and you're set.

Getting to level 10 is the hard part because it ain't easy due to the glitches and brutally harsh combat system, but it's worth it.

Captain Qwark 92358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

no offense dude but it sounds like your just not very good at the game. i played it on dark mode and aside from the beginning of chap 1 where i was a low level, i had very little trouble with he rest of the game. in fact once i got the blasphemers armor at the end of chap 1 i started to beat *ss.

and for the record...
-agreed, arm wrestling is crazy dull
-and any smith can craft any item as long as you have the ingredients. crafting doesnt need to be explained, its common sense. get the ingredients, pay a smith to craft it. unless your talking about bombs and such which you craft yourself with alchemy for free
-blocking is not meant to block all damage, its suppose to be something used sparingly and mostly only when you have vigor. put points in the dodge skill
-you can check to see what any recipe does before you buy it by hitting inspect
-you can beat any enemy without the knowledge. not a single enemy was immune to any attack, they just had some attacks that were more effective than others. and if an enemy killed you once, reload, drink potions, try again
-and leveling is fast if you quest. if you just try to grind monsters all day then yes its slow. i believe they did that to encourage questing. i was fine with it since i did and enjoyed every side quest i could

Mutant-Spud2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Well no spoilers but I didn't know any of that and ended up screwed after the Kingslayer battle because the village was destroyed and my char was so weak that I couldn't go any further, or anyway I couldn't figure out how to proceed and gave up after a few very frustrating hours. I thought this game was supposed to be pretty much linear anyway, that you could just play straight through like Red Dead Redemption or Deus Ex: HR?

Saladfax2355d ago

I always found the Quen rune to be incredibly useful.

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joab7772359d ago

Im quite a ways in and all i noticed was that a nekker ran through the woods away from me.

Captain Qwark 92358d ago

i only had a few, a couple cheap deaths and once in a long while the controls literally wouldnt take an input, but otherwise its controls are wonderful. i beat it on dark mode the other day. easily one of the best rpgs ive ever played. its too bad his experience wasnt as good as mine.

Mutant-Spud2357d ago

See I didn't find any better armour or weapons than I had at the start of the chapter, I probably came across one or two random side quests all up and couldn't do any of the quests on the board because I was too weak, when I gave up after the Kingslayer battle in the temple I was still being one shotted by Nekker Warriors.
Is it possible that the choices I made screwed things up?
Like, I came across those people outside the village who said "Leave the Troll alone, don't listen to anyone who tells you different", so fine, I left the troll alone.
The town commander seemed like a prick so I avoided making choices that involved him and sided with the witch.

Captain Qwark 92357d ago

its not the choices you made. most of the better armor you can get needs to be crafted and to do that you must find the ingredients through looting every possible thing/buying some from merchants. and the armor diagrams all need to be purchased from vendors/or found then crafted. its a bit pricey but doing all the side quest as well as some arm wrestling should get you more than enough money.

once you realize how the game works it does get easier and much more fun. hopefully you give it another shot, its truly a gem once you get into it