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Our media producer, Loc Karr, is one big Call of Duty fan and when that Black Ops 2 trailer released the first thing he wanted to do was see what he missed. Check out our analysis of the futuristic setting in Call of Duty where horses are..wait…spaceships, drones, super soldier and more are in and, oh wait, horses are in! Take a look below!

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GraveLord2760d ago

Looks like there will be some sort of squad management in the single-player.

chriski3332760d ago

what the F&%k is this? i dont understand what happened,what did i just watch ? drones stealth planes, F%&king guys riding horses with futuristic guns? my head just started to hurt. This cant be real?

MattyG2760d ago

Look on the map watch when he pauses it. It looks like it says Mason. Maybe we play as his son?

MattyG2760d ago

Also, I think the horses are because the tecnological means of transportation can be compromised by the enemy. Like Woods said, the enemy probably "got the keys" and can control all of the US' drones/vehicles/etc. So horses it is!

matt19912760d ago

I think this looks REALLY interesting and i am glad Treyarch is changing things up.

But its so funny seeing people complain the CoD is the same every year then complain when they change it up.

MattyG2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

thank you! this is exactly what i've been saying. it's damned if they do, damned if they don't.

EDIT: @cyclonus007 well, damned by people in the comment section, obviously not in the sales department haha

cyclonus0072760d ago

Not so damned when it is the #1 seller every year.

But they have painted themselves into a corner. They never looked back after they left WWII and now they are moving away from the current era after 3 games. What next?

cyclonus0072760d ago

I propose a scientific experiment:

1. Edit out all references to Black Ops, Treyarch, and CoD from this trailer.

2. Show it to a person who loves CoD and gauge his reaction.

3. Reveal that this is seriously the next CoD and watch his head explode.

Side note: Didn't Mason get killed in Black Ops or am I mistaken?

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