KKEnt First Impression Hybrid Beta

Kuma Wrote: Hi everyone this is Kuma and I was gifted with a beta code to play Hybrid on the Xbox 360. I honestly could not wrap my head around the concept because I was over thinking it. The jist of the matter is that Dark Matter has corrupted the world in the future and both sides of the world are trying to harvest it for their own reasoning. The whole thing is about controlling a resource to who’s to either save the world or conquer it even more. Hybrid is a very simple online based cover/camping game mechanic where you are limited in movements from cover to cover. This is another 3rd person cover based shooter that literally asks you to play with friends. In the menus there is an option to ask your party or xbox live friends to join you in a match before you start the game; hell it might as well say, “PLEASE COME PLAY THIS GAME WITH ME NOW!!” I am not saying it is totally a bad thing and you can’t force other gamers to chat with one another, but you would think people joining this game would realize that this is a team based shooter and watching each other’s back is important. I cannot bash this game too much….actually I can but I am trying to be nice about it. This is a beta, but it feels like the final product and I hope not.

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