Sniper Elite V2 Delayed One Week

GameInformer- "Sniper Elite V2 was set to release today, but it looks like the game has received a surprise delay.

We called a few Game Stop stores around the US, as well as a Best Buy here in Minnesota, and all are telling us that the game is not in stock. Game Stop said that the game has suddenly been set for a May 9 release in their computer systems."

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Ares84HU2361d ago

Just checked

It said it ships in 24hours. So Maybe you guys at Gameinformer want to check again.

RufustheSage2361d ago

It's coming out today, call your Gamestop again the 9th date was a mistake in their computers. Since the game wasn't street dated it ships on the 1st and arrives in stores on the 2nd.

deep_fried_bum_cake2361d ago

The person who wrote this is pretty daft. Who checks out only one store (well a few, but still the same store) and uses that as a basis to write an article saying a game is delayed. There are more stores that sell games than gamestop. At least they've realised their stupidity.

Woody6692361d ago

I'm playing it now on my Xbox 360. Just picked it up at GameStop! Definitely may want to stop payment on the check you wrote for that story!

kainslayer2361d ago

its allready out on torrents!!! ;-p