What Max Payne 3 DLC Means For GTA V’s Future Content

Techtorial: Earlier today, Rockstar announced its strategy on launching DLC packs for Max Payne 3. Unfortunately, the outfit’s policy is similar with L.A Noire prioritizing ‘quantity’ of content rather than quality which begs the question, will this trend continue until the release of Grand Theft Auto V?

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MultiConsoleGamer2751d ago

It means a $30 a year season pass.

user54670072751d ago

They better not do the season pass with GTAV, the only content that game should get is Episodes, similar to what they did for GTA4.

LOGICWINS2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I guarantee you that they will. Max Payne isn't nearly as popular a franchise as GTA. Of course they'll release paid DLC for the more lucrative franchise. Very happy Rockstar released info on the online pass weeks before the game is set to launch, I was able to quickly cancel my pre-order :)

@Mike- For two new episodes, I"d gladly pay $30..but not for maps or multiplayer modes.

RyuX192750d ago

I haven't seen anything about an Online Pass with this game.

Rampaged Death2751d ago

GTA is different. I hope they do separate stories like they did for GTA IV.

eddvdm2751d ago

If they do that to GTA franchise they will just bring down a whole brand that is mostly above almost every game around.

When any GTA game is released everything in gaming world seems to hang a little bit, until its hype slowdowns. Rockstar/T2 don't need any other hype or rumors or speculation to make it the top sold game for months, and until now they seem to understand that.

IMO if they put LA Noire DLC strategy into GTA untouchable success they'll break its unique glow of being the milestone in gaming it was until now, like FROM Software is doing with Dark Souls.

Morgue2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I thought they already announced for the PS3? Just saw it on the PSN for $29.99 or maybe the all you guys own 360's and as usual you get exclusive DLC for free..

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