Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revealed, First Trailer and Details

The cat is out of the bag folks, the next Call of Duty has been revealed to be Black Ops 2. The game will take place about 20 years after the original Black Ops, set in a 21st century Cold War setting. As we’ve seen with the recent pictures on the official site, the game will feature futuristic weaponry, a first for the series. More evidence of this can be seen within the first few screenshots that were leaked earlier today (see below). Call of Duty fans, enjoy the trailer below and you can count on us to be focusing heavily on the campaign for Black Ops 2.

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NYC_Gamer2752d ago

That trailer did catch my attention to be honest

Crazyglues2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I'm sorry to say it, but that engine is looking old as hell now... Wow.. *_*

Can you say dated... I know that won't stop COD fans but I'm going to have to pass..

I mean if you still like it, more power to you I'm not going to hate on your game, but wow I have never seen a new game look so old.

That game engine needs an overhaul bad.. What is Activision thinking.


Shaman2752d ago

It is dated, but it doesn't look all that bad. Its 60fps game after all...

Winter47th2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

You have to be kidding me with those graphics, 2007 is WAAAY behind us god dammit.

But I do love the setting.

Future Nazi Zombies yay. Gary Oldman should reprise his role as an AI or someshit.

HammadTheBeast2752d ago


Tons of games do 60 fps, but Call of Duty is sticking to its dated engine because:

1. It knows it can get money out of people, if the hardcore gamers don't play it, the casuals and kids will.

2. It's an engine that's easy to work with, the Sledgehammer Games president said himself that it's a simpler engine compared to other ones.

3. Why bother? It's been years and it's worked, plus the generation of gaming is too fixed right now to start making a new one, and it would cost them money (barely a dent though) and time.

This engine was great 5 years ago with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but at the moment it's mediocre at best compared to others out there.

Shaman2752d ago

Ok...Care to show me other 60fps FPS out there looking better?

-Alpha2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )


Though it's nothing like it, Wipeout HD

PRHB HYBRiiD2752d ago

True...the graphics in some parts of the trailer look like wii graphics looks closely.

HammadTheBeast2752d ago

@Shaman again:

God of War 3. There. Your argument is rendered completely invalid. With the amount of amazing graphics that God of War can produce, along with all the stuff going on, Call of Duty has no excuses.

More games? Rage. Crysis 2.Forza 4. Hell, even Mario Kart 7. Anything else?

Also look at the explosions and effects. Even in a trailer, everything looks sub par.

I can bet you all $50 that the crane model in the trailer was the same one used in basically half the Call of Duty maps,(Hardhat, Highrise, some other one in CoD 4).

Doesn't mean it's a horrible game. But if they refuse to budge from the gamestyle they usually put in, it will most likely be horible.

The worst part is that they try to make it realistic, instead of using another art style.

Enough said.

GraveLord2752d ago

We got 6-7 year old consoles out there. There really isn't much of a graphics improvement you can do without removing co-op and split-screen features.

The game looks amazing. Stop trolling. Not everything is about graphics.

The settings and story of the game alone means there's so much potential for the most impressive multiplayer yet.

Tachyon_Nova2752d ago

@HammadTheOne, you have no idea what you are talking about. GOW3 runs at 30fps, they initially wanted 60 but couldn't get there. Crysis 2 frequently runs below 30fps, certainly never as high as 60fps on consoles.

To CoD haters, yes the graphics look very dated, but if you really cared about whether or not graphics look dated then you wouldn't have played a console game since 2007.

Lazy_Sunday2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )


It's a Treyarch CoD game, Treyarch CoD games play at 'visceral' 60fps, or in layman's terms ~40fps on consoles.

F7U122752d ago

no thanks I'll be spending my time on ArmA 3, Planetside 2.

vickers5002752d ago


God of War 3 does not run at 60fps -
There may be "parts" of the game where it runs at 60fps, but only in the non action, puzzle solving parts, and only some of the time.

RAGE was worked on for freaking ever, in fact I think most of the time they actually spent on that game was making the engine.

Crysis 2 on consoles did NOT have 60fps.

Forza 4 I can't comment on, I haven't played it, but it's a racing game, racing games tend not to be very resource heavy.

Wipeout HD, read above.

Mario Kart 7 is a cartoony wii game.

Listen, I understand your hatred for Call of Duty, it's 100% deserved, but on some of those you're just outright lying, and on the others, fail to acknowledge the very specific conditions under which a high framerate was possible (racing games not having to handle as much as a multiplayer shooter, WAAYYYYY too much time being spent on an engine).

Now I'm not saying Activision aren't lazy, because they are, and I definitely believe that CoD could look a LITTLE bit better than it does now, but it seems kind of ignorant to assume that it would be easy to make the game look A LOT better, based on other game history (not a lot of 60fps shooters out there that look great).

vickers5002752d ago


Mario Kart 7 is a cartoony "3ds" game.

torchic2752d ago


you're high as hell son. Crysis 2 runs at 30fps, sometimes lower, God of War III runs at a solid 30fps. Rage runs at 60fps but imo looks OKAY, nothing great. mind you this is on console, not PC.

the only notible mention in my honest opinion is Wipeout HD/Fury. I couldn't play that Wipeout on PSVITA because I was so used to the fluidity of the 60fps of HD on PS3.

I don't believe you got that many agrees!

0neShot2752d ago

All these comments about the dated graphics are all idiots. Watch the screen captures in HD and it looks better than recently released games. Bf3 has a new engine but does it look better in consoles compared to this or mw3? absolutely not. Is there any console game out there that is miles better in graphics? No.

It's the hardware stupid, not the engine.

Euthanasia782752d ago

Ummmm, its dated because it's running on a console from 2005? COD is designed specifically for consoles. It's not a new engine, top of the line PC shooter. Its made for tech that came out 7 years ago. I think it looks fine for current hardware. It's not like it's trying to go against the newest Source engine on PC or something. Its a damn console game, and the consoles are many years old. I'm not saying it doesn't need a new engine, I'm saying it looks fine for this gen of hardware. It's not the best looking, but at 60fps it's not bad. Remember, its running on old tech. What do you expect?

Drake1172752d ago

From that trailer it looks like we will be fighting a sh!t load of drones thats for sure. Like half the scenes had those little things in them.

Electroshocked2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Someone on YouTube posted a comment stating the following:

''Black ops 2 is like

killzone 3 + BF3 + MW3 + BLACK OPS


He's gotten 39 ''Thumbs Up'' so far. A lot of people that follow the Call of Duty franchise are just pure idiots.

Edit: I mean, I'm sure the game will be an alright game, but to compare it to Killzone 3 alone is ridiculous, let alone to compare it to Killzone 3 and BATTLEFIELD 3.

irepbtown2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I dont like the setting. Never liked 'city' based maps, only if there were a few.

I prefered COD4, real outdoors firefights. Loved the story, loved the online, loved the maps.
All the other CODs have stuck to city based maps and story surrounding these big city's. Which in all honesty, makes it kind of dull.

Imagine if Black Ops 2 was set in maps kind of like the ones in COD4? Then I might consider the game.

Are they depicting this:
Modern Warfare 3 - World war 3??
Black Ops 2 - World war 4??

Did catch my attention but this whole WW story has to come out the building. Something new needs to step in. Unfortunately even BF3's story followed this route, however Multiplayer did make up for the shit Campaign.

aCasualGamer2752d ago

Last gen visuals... no thanks.

malol2751d ago

looking at the trailer and reading some comments in here
you guys are so easy to impress its just silly
i mean you cant even get a kid hyped this much for such unimpressive thing like that.

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omi25p2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Really? I thought it looked shocking. The graphics looked awful. The story seems dumb. How Activision can realease the same game 6 years running il never know.

The only way il buy another Cod is if they put it on a new, better looking engine.

Chitown712912752d ago

Guys c'mon be fair. This doesn't look bad. Graphically, yes it does look outdated. But everything else in this trailer looks pretty cool. For $60 , Call of Duty does offer a lot of features . You get single player, multiplayer, coop , zombie mode......and hell its fun with the right maps and surroundings. Modern Warfare 3 tho was just......f*cking horrible. But Treyarch actually look like their tryna bring something new to the table. And I actually like it.........The best COD's this gen, have been Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops......I think Black Ops 2 will deliver. I hope it does because it'll be the first one I'll consider buying since 4.

Biggest2752d ago

Graphically it looks terrible. It also is a misleading trailer (as almost all of the CoD trailers are). How many vehicles and aircraft does one need to see before actually having them available in more than a single sequence? Don't show future tanks and carriers with future jets and stealth bombers if they won't be through out the game. Show the small corridors with camping bad guys because we all know that's what the game will actually have.

ritsuka6662752d ago

OMGF!! Just shut up and take more of my money already Treyarch!

thereapersson2752d ago

People like you are the reason the series continues to wallow in mediocrity.

Activision knows they can sell you CODroneys anything.

Imikida2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

... You're joking right?

finbars752752d ago

I agree.Im not a COD fanboy but this actually doesnt look like the COD franchise at all.Kind of looks like a new step in the right direction for the franchise.I do like how its directed into the future instead of the modern days for so many years.The graphics do look dated but at least there trying to mix it up.We will see how the fans of the franchise takes this new trailer since its something completely different.

TekoIie2752d ago

So this is what happens when COD collides with Sci-fi?.... I have to admit.... Not that bad.

E3 will really decide whether this is a good idea for me. I cant believe people are trolling, they ask for a different game so COD goes to the future. Cant please some people...

STONEY42752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Call of Duty: Human Revolution.

Seriously, what's with the gold colors? Looks like Treyarch has been playing a bit too much Deus Ex.

Although I'm glad they finally tried something new. Hopefully they reinvent the multiplayer formula that COD has been stuck on since 2007.

iagainsti1202752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

This is basically Homefront, with lots of shiny bits. Way to stay original COD.

MrBeatdown2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Agreed. Co-op mode aside, I wasn't a big fan of MW3, or Black Ops for that matter, but this looks like it could provide a nice level of freshness across the whole game. Being set in the future gives them a much greater level of creative freedom when it comes to things like perks or killstreaks.

I'm curious where this leaves Infinity Ward's next game. I figured the next logical step was Future Warfare, so I'm surprised Treyarch was allowed to make the jump first.

I'm not worried about the graphics, and I'm not sure why anyone else would be. We all know the series will get a massive upgrade for next-gen consoles. I'd rather see their tech guys working on delivering something really spectacular in fall 2013 with a launch title Call of Duty than see them waste their time trying to squeeze a little more out of six or seven year old hardware.

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PshycoNinja2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Not only are the graphics out dated but the gameplay and art direction look like they are all over the place. Seriously whoever was the art director on this game should be let go because one minute its all colorful and the next it's all bland. Animation goes from decent looking to horrible in a flash.

This game screams inconstant. First off how does this game take place 20 years after Black Ops? Black ops went all the way up to the 50's - 70's. This game takes place in 2025. How is that 20 years?

Second those graphics are just ugh. My classmates and I (4 programmers) can do better and they cant even do art that well.

The concept seems all over the place (We go from mechs to horses? Who thought that was fun?).

If you thought this looked good than more power to you but I recommend playing other shooters before you consider this anywhere near good.

Now with that said, if they can address all of the above then it could be a decent game.

bobshi2752d ago

The game takes place in the 80s and 2025. Horses are in the 80s part.

That is also how you jump from the 60s to 2025.

mewhy322752d ago

Cant argue with a winning formula. They already have the best selling game of all time and this one will make them a mint as well. Probably will get this on Xbox for better graphics and online.

Beahmscream2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Call of Duty: Black two the Future

xCaptainAmazing2752d ago

This just seems to completely unravel anything I liked. Normally, I was rating the more modern era of the games like this:

1. CoD4
2. MW2 (Multi) / BO (Single)
3. WaW
4. MW3

I thought even though the story in BO wasn't original, it was pretty well executed and the historical fiction aspect was great.

But, now they've taken a turn off a cliff into weird land and appear to have completely lost sight of what the series is/was.

Majin-vegeta2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I'm not buying unless they have these in there>:|!!

Edit:I'm still not buying.

chriski3332752d ago

what the F$%K is this? i dont understand what happened,what did i just watch ? drones stealth planes, F&%king guys riding horses with futuristic guns? my head just started to hurt. this cant be real?

LOL_WUT2752d ago

Yeah too much Terminator stuff going on robots, jets, futuristic weapons, choppers and horses. Meh

Trunkz Jr2752d ago

I called it. I knew when they ran things dry they would move into a 2142 style future, now they'll milk Future Warfare...

Bobby Kotex2752d ago

I don't play COD and haven't played since the MW2 letdown, but at least this looks different. To the people complaining about graphics what the hell do you expect? It's not like your Xbox magically upgraded. I also play on PC, and consoles stumped PC graphics as well.

Kaneda2752d ago

I saw a little improvement in graphics... but still behind from their main competitor _ _ 3... assuming the gameplay is the same as others COD...


cool if they get the same feeling as COD 4 then by all means i'll drop 60 rocks but if i go and play the game at midnight and i see the same disaster as MW2,3, and BO online then i'm sticking with starhawk

geddesmond2751d ago

Man that trailer sucked. The graphics are crap and I really ain't digging this whole future crap. Ah well theres still MOH this fall. COD fans enjoy.

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Kanzes2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

You're equipped with a futuristic warfares but still riding a horses : / ?

chaldo2752d ago

For some reason I thought of the uncharted 3 trailer when the horses part popped up xD

Nitrowolf22752d ago

yeah everything for me was fine...until the horses came. Made me lol

-Alpha2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Not just any horses: futuristic horses! They probably shoot lasers out of their eyes, or comprehend the English language, maybe even sniff out enemy heartbeats.

360GamerFG2752d ago

I expect so much more from your comments. That one just made you seem like. . .one of us. I'm Disappointed. :(

LolololRumz2752d ago

It felt like they just mashed popular games together, some parts actually looked just like GTA IV

ChipChipperson2752d ago

There could be a possibility that a part of the campaign might do what Black Ops did, with going back to the past in one level(Reznov). If that is the case, that part with the horses and seeing the Mi-24 fly over could be the Soviet Afghan War. You could be playing as a CIA operative(maybe an older Hudson) or an actual Mujahideen.

rustyspoon802752d ago

The horses are from flashbacks to the 80's. The story will have flashbacks ala Blops 1.
CVG has a massive feature on the game detailing all the modes. It sounds like Treyarch are actually implementing quite a few changes. Zombies will have 8 players and objectives in a full mode.

aDDicteD2752d ago

same here. i didn't like the horse riding thing

ReservoirDog3162751d ago

Could be because the robots turned against us? I don't know.

At least it doesn't look exactly like CoD4, mw2 and mw3.

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laidenstar2752d ago

It does look pretty dated graphically, but the military sci-fi aspects have me screaming "BUYBUYBUY!" with reckless abandon. Sadly.

ThichQuangDuck2752d ago

It is unfortunate that it is a great scifi story that everyone wants to see in a game on an outdated engine, also a little ironic.

TheGamingArt2752d ago

If this is on the Vita... I'll buy it. Otherwise, .... well... it's done for me.

Muffins12232752d ago

Technicly,this vita is between a ps2 and ps3.So that means it could run Black ops II at 30fps........