What I've Love to See in Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode

Here are a few things that we at would love to see in the zombies mode of the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 title.

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BiggCMan2760d ago

No one has said there will be Zombies as of now. And seeing they are set in 2025 or something like that, it may be something different. Maybe even more challenging like the walking tanks from the trailer, mixed with the quad copters as well, and obviously some standard walking robots. I don't wanna see another boring zombie mode, it's the same damn thing. Innovate the mode, make it different and fresh.

BiggCMan2760d ago

Aghh, my DREAMS!!! THEY HAVE BEEN CRUSHED!!! :'( Was really wishing for a nice blend of Future tech, with modern tech. Only a small amount of games have ever blended them well. TimeSplitters was definitely the best, and Halo as well. I just really hope the game is not all metal bullets and standard frag grenades. I'm tired of the same crap, I want lasers and plasma again, outside of Halo.

MysticStrummer2760d ago

I was thinking about buying the game just for zombie mode until I saw the trailer. I don't want a zombie mode set in the future, or the past for that matter. I want Treyarch to make a standalone zombie game set in the present. They could make a good co-op game out of that. Sure, people would claim it was a Left 4 Dead rip-off, but I think they could make it different enough. They could also do the usual CoD trick of changing characters every so often, with a single player story where they all start apart then end up together, which would set up the online co-op. I'd rather be able to customize an online character though.

CaptainPunch2760d ago

Mummy zombies, make it happen!

gtxgamer22760d ago

Wow, i really like those ideas. Espcially the gun dropping/trading

Tapioca Cold2760d ago

Before hyping this upcoming 'title' better take a look at your own:

"What I've Love to See in Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode"

Learn how to write!!!!

Can't respect someone who doesn't edit their work.

That's not journalism.