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VGBlogger writes: "So, what if a brand of sour candy that turns sweet was turned into a game? A board game about candy has already cornered that market, so the next obvious step would be video games. Most non-gamers equate video games to Mario and his plumbing, platforming antics. So in my mind it makes sense that Sour Patch Kids, the candy, could be cross marketed as a platforming video game. To go along with that idea, the original marketing for the candy already plays up the dual nature of sour and sweet candy which adds another potentially rich layer of story or gaming activity. Playbrains, studio behind last year’s dope PSN graffiti platformer Sideway: New York, takes the sour and sweet notion one step beyond the normal marketing spin and sets the game up as a Sour Patch Kid candy who, at the last second, is denied being eaten and is instead sent tumbling to the floor of a movie theater."

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