David Jaffe comments on the inclusion of multiplayer in God of War: Ascension

David Jaffe, the director of the original God of War, gives his thoughts on the inclusion of multiplayer in the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive action-adventure title, God of War: Ascension.

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Reborn2956d ago

I agree.

If the SP is effected, then the uproar will be justified. Since it would look as if the MP took lead. However, no one has seen much of it, and to jump to conclusions that it will follow the lead of many other games, is wrong.

Give it a chance, before you throw it out.

ForeverGamer2956d ago

and SM said it time and time again that the SP is thier main foucs
and the Mp is a bouns nothing more

guitarded772956d ago

Dead Space and Assassin's Creed are both examples of games where online was added, players got all up in a tizzy, and the end result didn't effect the single player campaign at all. GoW will succeed at doing the same. Santa Monica is not going to ruin one of Sony's biggest franchises with poor implementation.

MaxXAttaxX2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

People who jumped to conclusions saying that they should focus on SP instead of MP are foolish. They have no evidence that Santa Monica isn't focusing on the SP.
GOW has more development time than yearly games.

Maybe they're getting the MP announcements out of the way first to save the best for later (E3?), which is the story. Uncharted has done this as well, twice.

Besides, the game director has said at least twice that they know the SP is their "bread and butter" and that the combat was being reworked.

I agree with Jaffe about the studio deserving the bendfit of the doubt.

pr0digyZA2956d ago

Ow, some hectic dyslexic writing there.

hiredhelp2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )


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pr0digyZA2956d ago

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hiredhelp2956d ago

I have dyslexia same as my father

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im always relaxed unless someone wakes me up

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schlanz2956d ago

David Jaffe speaks truth. Give the developers the benefit of the doubt instead of throwing a tantrum.

InFAMOUS12956d ago

I agree with Jaffe. Especially when he talks about the team. This is not some start up, off shoot game development team. This is Sony Santa Monica, one of the most respected dev teams in the world. Not only are they made up of some of the most talented people, they actually make fun, beautiful and memorable games. People are so quick to judge, when they have no idea what they are judging.

Fishy Fingers2956d ago

I remember playing GOW3 Arena with friends saying how great it would be to play co-op hordes or something. Well, looks like we'll get to try that out soon enough and I think it'll be awesome.

"bu-bu-but GOW is a SP game..." and it still will be, the inclusion on MP doesn't have to be a negative for SP. See uncharted 2, and how much bitching was done over them adding MP back then, a lot.

ForeverGamer2956d ago

you have soooo many bubbles
but you deserve one more

neutralgamer192956d ago

Ppl are idiots to even doubt Santa Monica if you think they are going tack on some bs mp your insane.

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