Stop Getting So Mad About Video Game Reviews

Kotaku - It's easy to take personal offense when you disagree with a game review. It's easy to believe dissenting opinions mask ulterior motives.

"How could that guy love Dragon Age 2?" you might think to yourself. "That game sucked! EA must have paid him off."

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Dr Face Doctor2755d ago

I can't wait for people to get mad at this article.

-Mezzo-2755d ago

Getting Mad: The only thing Gamer's know best.

Morgue2755d ago

Should I throw my phone across the room everytime I read a Kotaku article?

Kanzes2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I think Dragon Age 2 is fine. But I agree, it's more like a spin-off for Dragon Age Origins.

And for The Witcher 2, I think they deserve a higher score than just 9/10

Dr Face Doctor2755d ago

Like a 9.5? Pure hogwash, no game can pass between the scores like some ethereal being.

Zha1tan2755d ago

then make a review and score it yourself if you think it deserves better.

What is with these morons these days that dont think a 9/10 is a good score? and somehow believe a game they hold dear to their little hearts has to be adored by everyone else and their mum.

Witcher 2 was alright IMO, are you going to throw a tantrum now?

NastyLeftHook02755d ago

People take reviews too damn seriously.

There just opinions.

i would give bioshock a 3/10
red dead redemption a 4/10

does that make it true for everyone? nope!

both got great reviews.

CommonSense2755d ago

very odd, cuz i'd give those games both 8/10. i think you're intentionally being a bit harsh to make a point that's already being made in this article.

also, the reason ppl take this stuff so seriously is because they don't do anything in their own lives that's praise worthy. so they have to project their accomplishments onto something/someone else.

it's the same reason ppl get 50 piercings and tattoos. or buy new clothes all the time. there's nothing about them worth complimenting, so they need to get their compliments from somewhere else.

"hey, great shirt!" "boy, i sure do love your barbed wire tattoo!" "wow, what a nose ring!" "sony outsold microsoft this week!"

jessupj2755d ago

Yes, but there's a HUGE difference between a personal opinion, which you just gave, and a professional opinion from a reviewer.

I would expect some random noob on the internet to give Red Dead Redeption a 4.

I expect a great deal more from a reviewer. I don't care if they liked it or not, they need to mark each aspect of the game accordingly against other games in the same genre and be as objectional as possible.

I personally hated Twisted Metal, but does that mean I should give it a 1/10? Absolutely not. I'm objective enough to recognise it's a quality game that deserves at least a 7/10

Do you see the difference?

Zha1tan2755d ago

Thats the thing about reviews, they really are not objective at all for the most part.

A game will never get above a 5 if the critic did not personally enjoy playing it.

annus2755d ago

Reviewers and gamers need to learn that a 5/10 means average, not 8-9/10.

CommonSense2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

if you get a 50% on the paper that you wrote for history class, is that an average score?

C is average. 70-79.

with that said, i think websites should make more of an effort to define their scoring system.

EDIT: @ below: If a company is nickel and diming you, the only person you get to be mad at is yourself. nobody is forcing you to buy anything. and if your school gave you an average grade for a 50%, that would explain why most young people today are complete morons. in my school, way back when, you needed a 68%+ just to pass.

Hicken2755d ago

That's generally based on anything below a 70 being a failing grade. Once again, it's not a scale that completely uses the entire 100%. To answer your question, yes: 50% is an average score, as it's directly in the middle of the grading scale.

To respond to the article: stop telling me what I can and can't be mad about. I have the right to be upset about whatever the hell I want to be upset about, even if it's unreasonable. If I disagree with a review, I can be mad about it. If I don't like a game's ending, I can be mad about it. If a company's nickel and diming me, I can be mad about it. If I buy a game and content already on the disc is locked away until I pay more, I can be mad about it.

Don't like it? Kiss my ass. Better yet: be mad about it. You've got that right.


What is the connection between a school grading scale and gaming reviews?

annus2755d ago

If you were filling out a customer survey that was 0 to 10, you wouldn't put an 8 if it was average, you would put a 5.

0 = worst
- below average
5 = average
- above average
10 = perfect

Do you see how this works? Games don't get scored on a schooling system, is a game below an averaged review of a 70 counted as a failure and not put on shelves?

Bathyj2755d ago

People get mad about things they care about. Thats human nature.

Why do you think religion causes so many wars?