Nintendo: Publishers 'divided' on digital/retail pricing

CVG- Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said that game publishers are divided in their opinions over how digital software should be priced versus their packaged retail counterparts.

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mike1up2359d ago

I actually agree with Sony, digital software should be cheaper.

For Iwata to suggest that a physical disc and digital copy are of equal value is absurd. If you download the game then you can only play it on 1 console, and you cannot trade it in.

ChickeyCantor2359d ago

Sad truth is that if they do indeed keep the price at retail. It also means the developer will gain more money from it. Unless someone is ready to stab another.

ronin4life2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

You can buy Nintendo download software from retailers, who are allowed to set the price any way they want. Meaning some retailers (like Walmart, for example) may follow the msrp while others will price more competitively.(Like Amazon.)
Because these codes will cost retailers less to purchase, ship and stock, those savings could well come out in price allowing for even greater price differences than vitas set $5 dollars. Competitive pricing could further lower prices, along with the occasional store specific sale.

vortis2359d ago

There's no overhead on the digital distribution costs, so it boggles my mind why they should even be entertained as having the same price.

Khordchange2359d ago

It actually has more to do with retailers complaining that digital sales will be more if they are much cheaper. Its the best way to get their support sadly

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ChunkyLover532359d ago

Isn't the whole point of digital download to save money? I mean what is the point of it if your not saving money?

I think a digital version of a game should cost between $15-$20 less than a retail version.

3GenGames2359d ago

Unless a full game drops to $40, it's not worth not having a disk to prove you actually own the software and aren't just buying a license to play it which you can't do anything with once your done, not even enjoy it's presence. It's just a file on a list, you can't justify it compared to a real collection of carts and disks that you can display and collect and own.

stuntman_mike2359d ago

I remember when digital downloads came out (during the war...) they said it would be cheaper because there is no packaging or shipping cost involved. so far they havent kept to this they are more expensive than shop bought games.

which is crazy and why the gaming demographic wont go fully digital download as people would stop buying them.

frequentcontributor2359d ago

I don't mind not being able to play the games on someone else's system, but I do think the digital games should be cheaper. Game companies could give a discount and still make more money per title in the absence of printing, packaging, shipping, and storing. It's fairly obvious that the brick and mortar stores like GameStop are standing in the way of a vast price gap. I don't think prices woul lower that much, anyway; companies know that they can make $50-60 per title, and as digital downloads become the norm as with other industries, that price will simply become the expected rate. If it doesn't affect consumers, anyway, I guess I like the fact that developers get to put more money in their pockets. I'll miss deals on used games, though...

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The story is too old to be commented.