MSI GeForce GTX 670 OC Edition Pictured

MSI’s GeForce GTX 670 OC edition which was spotted yesterday has now been unboxed and pictured. The GTX 670 OC Edition from MSI would feature factory overclocked frequencies while retaining the reference GTX 670 design.

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Cablephish2750d ago

I'm thinking about getting a 670, but I think I will go with EVGA or XFX for their good support.

Pain_Killer2750d ago

XFX doesn't manufacturer's NVIDIA GPUs anymore. Go for EVGA, Gainward or ASUS.

Cablephish2750d ago

I haven't heard of Gainward, I'll look into them, thanks. :D

And I had a friend who wanted to sell me an ASUS GTX 570, the one that takes up 3 slots for 300 dollars, should I have purchased it? :S

atticus142750d ago


nope i wouldn't have bought it when new ones cost the same or less. Also i would stick with evga since they recently re-did their warranty and they now cover warranties for the 2nd user if you decide to resell yours at some point; that will make the resell value more then any other brand; not to mention EVGA is pretty good in general with customer service, i wish there was someone like them on the AMD side.

Pain_Killer2750d ago

Don't go for the DirectCU 570, Get yourself a new 670 when it launches. Not only would it be faster than the 580 but also be more power efficient. ;)

Cablephish2750d ago

Cool, cool. Thank you very much for your input. :D