Spike TV and GameTrailers team up for E3 “All Access Live”

Spike TV and GameTrailers have announced “extensive multi-platform coverage of the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo” with E3 All Access Live. The live special plans to provide “over 40 gaming exclusives and special guest interviews with more than 17 hours of coverage across multiple platforms.” Coverage will kick off on Spike TV, in HD, from the day before the event opens to the public on Monday, June 4.

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ronin4life2751d ago

Is this on the cable channel or on their website?

Kingdom Come2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I believe it's broadcasted live on their channel but also you can live steam the conferences and their GTTV specials via GameTrailers.

Uncharted2Vet2751d ago

yeah..... im still watching E3 on G4.

Larry L2751d ago

G4's ratings.....and therefore money, are at an all-time low. Have they said they're even doing their typical all day/multi-day coverage this year? I certainly hope so, but I'd be a bit surprised.

Just like Spike's coverage last year, they probably won't really overlap too much with G4, at least not with the press conferences. If they are both running the conferences against each other, I'll watch whichever has less commercials.

Gonna be weird.....G4 covering E3 without Adam Sessler. I'll almost bet he works for Spike's coverage. lol

wnek92751d ago

ye they still covering it this year too

ThichQuangDuck2751d ago

With Adam Sessler recently leaving, I am worried about G4. There is still plenty of great people there do not get me wrong, but I feel Sessler was really the heart of G4 in terms of game interviews and E3 coverage

Kingdom Come2751d ago

Can't wait for E3 2012 to begin, so many games to be revealed and demonstrated and GameTrailers/Spikes coverage is always well executed (last year I watched a number of Press Conferences Live, Clear as day on my iPhone 4). Also, E3 kicks off a matter of days after I finish College and begin my summer holidays before starting University in September, great start to June (along with Prometheus).

Lucreto2751d ago

Last year was not too bad. I might watch it again this year.

user54670072751d ago

Shame that us in the UK or even Europe have to watch it on the internet....with our crappy internet connections

With all the crap we have on Sky why can't we have Spike TV

sprinterboy2751d ago

Speak for yourself, I live in the uk and have 50mb soon to be doubled by virgin for free. What part of the uk do you live in, a lighthouse. Even free sky broadband does 4mb which streams video lol

shackdaddy2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Lol. You guys have waaay better internet speeds than we do in the US.

And you're not missing much with Spike TV btw...

user54670072751d ago

Yeah before everyone disagrees it dosen't matter what your speed is...

With how many people watch the same links for E3, it ends up going slower regardless.

It will crash, lag, stop/start and then if it dosen't straigten it's self up you have to find another link.

stuntman_mike2751d ago

i think you can only watch spike tv on the internet if your in the USA.

I think gamespot has daily coverage from the show floor, also in the UK there is the show called Playr which showed E3 coverage last year its on the showcase channel but its on at odd times. Hopefully they will show it again.

other than that it will just be the conferences shown.

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The story is too old to be commented.