Download Your Wii U Games Overnight

Wii U will launch with a digital store offering downloads of retail games, but with the Wii U disc holding up to 25GB you could probably learn a sport to an Olympic standard in the time it'll take to download Pikmin 3. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata knows this, so Wii U will let you download games overnight.

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mike1up2362d ago

Nice Read.

I am more concerned with the actual storage, than the download times. I am really hoping that Nintendo will allow you to use any external hard drive, as opposed to a branded Nintendo one. I have to pick one up for my computer anyways, so it would be nice to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

sloth33952362d ago

they already said you can use an external hard drive

iamtehpwn2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Anyone remember WiiConnect 24?
yeahhh, similar concept to that, except they never did anything with WiiConnect 24.
Hopefully this one they will follow through on.

--Onilink--2362d ago

its already working pretty well on the 3DS, so i see no reason to doubt it will work as well on the WiiU

dirthurts2362d ago

I remember it overheating my Wii and causing odd video issues afterwards...
but other than that I don't remember much good coming from WiiConnect 24.

Akuma-2362d ago

@ Mr Mike

Leave the birds alone and don't throw stones at them. Would you like it if people started to stone you?

mamotte2362d ago

I hope this console comes with a really big hard drive, then...

BitbyDeath2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

25GB overnight? No way that'd ever happen on my connection.

Game4life2362d ago

sorry to hear hat. I think i could do that in like 3 or 4 hours max

BitbyDeath2362d ago

I might have it in a month if i'm lucky.
My connection only goes to like 10mb/sec

Game4life2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

ahah yeah. i think i usually get 5 gigs an hour

My speed i think is like 24mbps

That sucks though

mamotte2362d ago

HA! Thats nothing! I got 540kb/s! Welcome to Colombia! oh, wait, sh...

GamerSciz2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago ) would all depend on the cap that the server has. If you were to get a constant 5mb/s then it would take just under 2 hours. So that's not horrible but I have a 25mb/s dl and the fastest I have ever gotten was from STEAM which was like a 1.2mb/s. At that rate it would take about 6 hours which isn't horrible really since I get about 6+ hours of sleep nightly..

kneon2362d ago

I think you've got your bits and bytes all confused, at 5Mb/s it should be over 10 hours.

I have 75Mb/s at home but most servers can't keep up with that speed, still I expect it would be an hour or two at most for me to download 25GB.

--Onilink--2362d ago

also, the download speed you get from your provider is never going to be your actual speed when downloading something, you need to divide the number by 8, i think.

ChickeyCantor2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Yep, you scale it back to megabyte if you divide it by 8.

1 megabits = 0.125 megabytes
(1 / 8 = 0.125)

dirthurts2362d ago

Yeah, it's usually the server holding peoples downloads back, not the connection speed itself.
If my 25 megs per second actually meant something I could download huge files in no time.
Let's see, 25 megs per second...= 1.5 gigs per minute. Yeah, not happening.

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kma2k2362d ago

i have a 15mbps connection downloading a 16gb few weeks ago the file took me 8.5 hours on a wensday afternoon with a game that was well over a few months old. Imagine downloading say zelda on launch day with a million other people trying to it might take a week or two. Digital downloading is no where near ready for prime time!

--Onilink--2362d ago

well, if they implement preloading, like steam, it shouldnt be an issue

ChickeyCantor2362d ago

Am I glad I have 30Mb/s.
10 gigs within an hour.

I feel so bad for other countries that have IPs who charge sh/ttons for a crappy connection.

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