Play Vault Podcast Episode 50: Gangucrimes Serenades An Alien

Play Vault:

"Join hosts; Jonathan Wilson Xbox: Jonmau5, Benjamin Jones: Xbox: bcJonesy and Andrew Gould: Xbox: gangucrimes

We cover off the games and topics of:

Witcher 2
Diablo 3
Dragons Dogma
Sniper Elite V2
Battlefield 3
Draw Something
Need For Speed
Gears Of War 3
Left 4 Dead
Fifa 12
Ace Combat Assault Horizon
News Covered:

EA and The UEFA Add on Stupidity
Harley Quinn Batman DLC
Phil’s Bargain Bin Review
We round up with community talk, tweets, emails and then we do shout outs and goodbyes."

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Dlacy13g2363d ago

This is always a top notch podcast give it a listen