$2000 Guitar Hero add-on: Peavy's new Riffmaster Pro System

When you are taking console gaming, a $2000 add-on has got to be some serious kit and this Guitar Hero add-on "The New Peavy Riffmaster Pro System" costs just that.

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ZTO Jamie3932d ago

That looks really cool, but why are the buttons different colours to the real controllers?

Leon Kennedy3932d ago

Look up "waste of money" in the dictionary, and you'll find the Peavey Riffmaster Pro System, right next to the entry "Wii Remote Peripherals".

bloop3932d ago

"you get a monitor so you can see the buttons you are pressing, an amp head to control the unit, a full P.A. system that houses a PS2, two authentic Peavey guitars (controllers) gutted out and rewired for game-mode…now it seems a bit more of a bargain." Now it seems a bit more of a bargain??? These guys on crack??

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