Opposing Viewpoints: Does God of War Need Multiplayer?

"There has been massive uproar, both positive and negative, since yesterday when God of War: Ascension’s competitive multiplayer was announced. There are those who have faith in Santa Monica’s new goal for the franchise and there are people who have begun shaking their head at another single player series seeing the addition of multiplayer. Since a few of us Just Push Start writers happen to fall on opposite sides of the spectrum, we decided to make a case in defense of the multiplayer and against it." - JPS

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TheFinalEpisode2362d ago

I don't think it needs MP but if done right it may be huge

Abash2362d ago

Yes it does. It needed something like co-op in the challenge maps or something like that, but the multiplayer they made is looking more awesome than I ever imagined.

TheFinalEpisode2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

I personally thought it was a bad idea but after seeing the gameplay I believe it may be awesome. Sony Santa Monica are almost guaranteed to do it right. So I'm excited about what I've seen


in my opinion no. simply put it this way, if this series needed mp then wouldn't we had have some kind of partner through out the whole massacre with kratos? wouldn't it had made more since to include someone who felt the same rage as kratos and killed all the gods with him and have one final battle royal style between the two? it can't be done. but hey uncharted pulled a miracle with part 2 and added mp so will see

UnSelf2362d ago

What does "need" mean?

admiralvic2362d ago

Verb:Require (something) because it is essential or very important: "I need help now".Noun:Circumstances in which something is necessary, or that require some course of action; necessity:

UnSelf2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

I thought the quotations surrounding the word wouldve been sufficient enough to explain that i didnt mean that literally. Once again ive put too much faith in the anonymous users of the internet. Anyway, now with that definition in hand, how does one know if a component to a game is "needed" to such a diverse audience in which the consumers who are experiencing the component of that product, all experience games differently from each other?

in other words, mr. dictionary, what is needed for me isnt necessarily needed for you so how does one gauge what is needed?

Here are some answers I was looking for:

Sales Analysis

Focus Test Groups

Demographic/Cultural Likeness

Please feel free to retort when you get a chance, thank you.

admiralvic2362d ago

While we can look at this a lot of different ways... I certainly don't think anyone needed or wanted Bioshock 2's Multiplayer... yet we got it. If you don't believe me... read really any forum post about the mode and you will see this point.

MightyMark4272362d ago

I don't think God of War really needs a multiplayer but then if it's any good, why not. The only problem is, if the multiplayer of Ascension is boring, it will sure drop down the review score. Hopefully it will be fun!

kevnb2362d ago

the review scores could be 2/10 or less. I wouldnt care, only the internet trolls who take that stuff seriously would even bat an eye.

kevnb2362d ago

no, i think the gameplay doesnt suit multiplayer at all as is. But i can see why they want it, too many people rent or borrow the game and are done with it after a few days.

Morpheuzpr2361d ago

maybe they're doing it to include an online pass so people buy the game new. Just throwing it out there.

Arcanine2362d ago

i think it doesnt need it, but if the multiplayer is like working together to defeat a large boss or a mass amount of enemies... then kool, but if its head to head, go play mortal kombat and pick 2 kratos!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.