Ashlands: Retribution Xbox 360 Review ( - Spaceship shooters have seen a nice resurgence in recent years, thanks to great titles such as Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and Super Stardust HD. The power of current hardware has allowed studios to take an age-old concept and bring it into the modern day, with colourful firework shows of explosions, lasers, and particle effects. The latest game in this new-but-old genre is Ashlands: Retribution, which arrived on the Xbox Live Indie Channel recently, thanks to the efforts of its creator, Ben Quintero.

Retribution is the tale of a man stranded on a desert world, after his craft was blown from the sky by enemy forces. Salvaging a derelict ship, he takes back to the skies on a quest for revenge. Let’s be honest, though, does the plot really matter in a game such as this? What matters is the action, which Ashlands doesn’t fail to deliver.

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darthv722363d ago

especially for an indie title. Very similar to stardust which is one of my favorites.