Iwata can’t promise “overwhelmingly rich” Wii U launch titles, proposals for evergreen titles

Nintendo president comments on what can be expected as launch titles for Wii U.

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NYC_Gamer2359d ago

Hmm...most of us expected the Wii-U launch to be full of multiplat software...

richierich2359d ago

Whats an evergreen title??

ronin4life2359d ago

Games that sell over a long period of time.

attilayavuzer2359d ago

They don't freeze in the winter

gumgum992358d ago

...and they look real nice in the spring and summer. :)

shackdaddy2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

I'm guessing it's titles that Nintendo keeps updating with DLC. Nintendo was talking about having a ton about free DLC and how it contributes to the life of the game.

Game4life2359d ago

i thought he was talking about paid dlc though a few weeks back?

user54670072359d ago

It's a game featuring the Frog from Evergreen

Don't you guys know anything <sigh>

GameTavern2359d ago

An evergreen title is a title that sells well over a long period of time.

The way that Wii Play, Wii Sports, Mario Kart DS/Wii, Brain Age, were all top sellers for several years.

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DigitalAnalog2359d ago

"As we look back, when we launched the Nintendo 3DS, we failed to prepare a software lineup which could satisfy our consumers in addition to other factors, and the Nintendo 3DS could not initially increase the sales as we had originally expected. This is why the company needed to carry out such a drastic markdown measure by sacrificing the profitability. As a result, and supported by a strong software lineup, the Nintendo 3DS was able to regain momentum during the year-end sales season of 2011. We laid out such a drastic measure by understanding that regaining the momentum which had been once lost, is much harder than trying to create momentum from scratch. Without it, the Nintendo 3DS could not have realized positive results at the end of last year or the current sales pace in Japan. It did hurt our financial results, but it was a necessary measure. So, how will we be able to use this lesson for the Wii U"

THAT, right there is the reason the VITA should NOT drop in price.

I'm glad he's now using the 3DS and Wii's downsides and trying to make up for it on the Wii-U. The first and most simple issue they need to address is the graphical capabilities. It MUST to be better than what the current-gen console is capable of even if the difference meant a better frame-rate or a higher resolution.

The other main issue is the online capabilities. They simply cannot ignore that particular feature, either they make a dedicated platform for it that is similar to the PSN/XBL or integrate 3rd Party like Steam/Origin etc.

No doubt the top-franchise are always the wild cards that can get them out of their mess. But still, if they want to win the "core" (where the MOST money of console gaming is made) they need to address the all the consumers fears. I hope their upcoming E3 conference would blow us away.

mr_badhand2359d ago

The 360 and ps3 didn't have great launch titles. No one should expect the WiiU too.

I remember the SNES having the best launch titles.

sloth33952359d ago

resistance was a good launch title

mr_badhand2359d ago

Title or title(s).

And I disagree, Resistance was garbage.

ronin4life2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

To be honest, I kind of agree with you.
Xbox360 for me (as a good game) had CoD2, with Perfect Dark being total crap.
The wii had a GC port as its biggest game.
And while I didn't get a ps3 at launch, I remember reading an egm article about the ps3s woes and there wasstop employee talking about how costumers were returning resistance in droves.

Launches can be great, but they are more often not so.

Uncharted2Vet2359d ago

just give me a true starfox 64 sequel anywhere in the systems life cycle and the wii u is a must buy. at least for me

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