CGM Review: Mortal Kombat Vita

A review of the just released Mortal Kombat game for the PS Vita

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smashcrashbash2413d ago

How is it people are complaining about how bad this port is and it's getting such awesome scores? Sometimes I wonder about the gamers that make these claims and wonder if they are lying. People are always so ready to believe what a gamers says and dismiss a review score but gamers could lie too you know.

BLow2413d ago

Everyone just loves drama. Some people just go with the worst instead of forming their own opinion. If one person wants to hate on something then he or she has 100 more followers and so on. The hate spreads even with people who haven't played the game. That's just sad and really is a problem on this site. Oh well, if you have the game and enjoy it then nothing else matters. That goes with any game.

I don't know it just seems that if a game is hated on this site and "you" may like it then you get bashed for it. Everybody has different tastes and that's why we have many choices in games. One person's turd could be somebody's treasure. People should just worry more about themselves and the gaming world will be a much better place...AND PEACEFUL!!! It's like a never ending cycle of hate and whinny a$$ gamers. It gets old really quick...I'm out

MasterCornholio2413d ago

Many people are just jealous that the game isn't available on the 3DS also some owners of the console version of this game are angry because of the classic costumes in the vita version.

I do agree that the visuals are not the best but the gameplay is intact plus there's a ton of new and exclusive content that makes the Vita version a worthwhile purchase.

My only issue is that I really want a fighting game on the Vita but I can't decide between Mortal Kombat or Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.


dp2774072413d ago

Just got it from Gamestop and havent played it yet but if it's even a fraction of what the console was than i'll be good.