Shooters, are you a tactical or an assault player?

In first person shooters what style of play suits you more, tactical or assault, covert or loud, perhaps both?

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NastyLeftHook02757d ago

tactical. its just way more satisfying.

no_more_heroes2757d ago

Let me put it this way: my favorite class in Mass Effect is the Vanguard.

You're right though. As I hinted at in a previous comment, my tastes are evolving. I'm starting to like being more tactical. For now I've only re-started playing turn-based RPGs (didn't care to play any after Legend of the Dragoon until Lost Odyssey), but I'm starting to think about getting into Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon type games (if I can just stop being so chickensh*t about it lol).

Oh, and just in case anyone is thinking so, no, I'm not Rambo with the Vanguard in multiplayer like some people can be. I boomerang it: Charge-Nova on isolated targets of one to three, with an added shotgun at the end when dealing with Centurions, then haul my a$$ back from whence it came. I use it more as a foil to players who are clearly better than me.

If there is a trio of Assault Troopers or any Phantoms and/or Nemeses (plural) on the field, consider them taken care of. ;)

Now to find an effective strategy for Geth and Reapers...

InTheLab2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

If you're a Vanguard and not Asari, you're doing it wrong. Stasis is the most overpowered power in the multiplayer. Sure humans can down a group of weaklings with nova spam but Asari can do the same with a Stasis bubble/Lift grenade from a distance. The tactic you use will get you killed at silver or higher...especially while dealing with phantoms.

Here's how you do it. Stasis bubble a choke point and lift grenade, or my favorite...equip the sniper rifle, use stasis on any non armored enemy like phantoms or the turian reapers and score easy head shots times 50.

There's also the Salarian Infiltrator with Tact cloak with 40%+ damage, proximity mine maxed for single target DPS, and stg maxed for +20 headshot damage. There's a cheat you can use for maximum damage to Banshee, Atlas, and Primes. Line up the cloaked headshot for primes and Banshee, shoot a cloaked proximity mine at them AND shoot immediately after to get the bonus +40% damage for the headshot/prox mine and +20% headshot damage on top of that. With this combo, you can down heavies with 5 to 8 combos and quickly rack up a huge score or more importantly, save your mates from failure.

Those two combos are killer and will have you topping the score charts on any challenge level. There's also the added bonus of cloaking your way to downed teammates that biotic charged into a group containing a phantom :)

Yeah, basically, I'm the tactical type. It is the most efficient means of completing objectives, but we do need the Rambo types to take the heat off of us while we do our backdoor ops :)

waltyftm2757d ago

Bit of both, like to plan my assault accordingly.

RaidensRising2757d ago

Both for me depending on the game... I prefer stealth though.

ShadesMoolah2757d ago

If there is choice, games tend to lean more one way than the other, depending on the title I'll try the same scenario multiple times.

V0LT2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I'm an assault.

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The story is too old to be commented.