New Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 screenshot reveals that Woods will be in the game

DSOGaming writes: "One of our favourite characters will re-appear in Black Ops 2. Yeap, you read that right. Woods is coming back and a new screenshot – that was released a couple of minutes ago at CallofDuty’s official website – confirms his existence."

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mynameisEvil2361d ago

He's gotta be one old pisser, then.

Nitrowolf22361d ago

they way I see it, BO 1 was just Old Woods his story or the "cover up story". Kind of liek assassin creed

NukaCola2360d ago

Is it me or does this game scream Deus Ex meets Snake Eater. I am a bit curious.

MattyG2361d ago

well he was born in 1930, so either there is a flashback mission like in BO1 with WW2 or this game isnt too futuristic. Who knows, maybe he's in a nursing home and the enemy faction in BO2 needs info he has. that would be a cool mission. "Objective added: drink prune juice." i just hope they dont do the whole poison gas thing again.

mynameisEvil2360d ago

If you look at his upper arm, you'll see that he's in a hospital gown of some description. I think he's in a nursing home.

DoomeDx2360d ago

Well captain price was in CoD2 aswell. which toke place at 1942-1945.

Hes still around in the Modern warfare series.

mynameisEvil2360d ago

That isn't the same Captain Price, bro. For one, WWII Price died on the Tirpitz in CoD 1.

Two, their faces don't show m difference age-wise. So, he didn't age? Besides, WWII Price's face was a bit chubbier.

Three, their voices aren't the same. The MW Price is probably his grandson or something.

Besides, there isn't a single true military force in the world that would find a man that's supposed to be around 90 - 100 years old useful in battle, let alone the SAS.

This, however, is probably the same Woods. Oh, and don't ask why I made such a long comment explaining that it's impossible for it to be the same Price. I could've just left it at "He's friggin' dead, bro", but I'm bored... and tired... and rambly. Speaking of which... bye. XD

Trunkz Jr2360d ago

I called it. I knew when they ran out of ideas they would move into the 2142 era, how obvious of them. I hope they lose sales now.

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supraking9512361d ago

ugh set in the future? So it begins....

GraveLord2361d ago

What's wrong troll?
People asked for change. They got it. Yet they are still bitching and moaning.

Typical trolls. Can never be satisfied.

Kran2361d ago

Its not the time period I want changing. Its everything else.

Kahvipannu2361d ago

You do realize it's just another re-skin? It's not what people have been asking for.. "oh it's futuristic, so it's new...", I mean, really?

supraking9512360d ago

so instead of regular helicopter killstreaks we get super future airplanes that does the same thing? such a Revolutionary change

irepbtown2360d ago

I for one didn't want Black ops to be futuristic. I wanted them to gradually move forward in time.

I wanted Modern Warfare to be futuristic (Modern warfare < thats why).

Doubt I'll buy it however it has catched my attention slightly. It'll be interesting what they show us next.

Gamer-Z2359d ago

If i color my pencil from yellow to red does that make it new? GraveLord i know your smarter than that, you know its going to be the same thing.

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Hufandpuf2361d ago ShowReplies(1)
MattyG2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

well that arm that is tied down is definitley Woods. it had the werewolf tatoo. i loved woods so I'm glad he's back!

Edit: I don't think it's tied down actually, he just has a watch on.

VKaotiicV2361d ago

Based off Wood's Arm looks like the same engine....ha! what else would I expect

moparmogul2361d ago

You really think they would create a brand spankin' new engine for a console at the END of it's life cycle? Have some business sense.

Bladesfist2360d ago

Yes, I do, otherwise thry wont be ready for next gen. DICE have made their next gen engine, Unreal have nearly completed theirs and crytek have made theres. All there major competitiors are there or close.

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