Skyrim: Dawnguard also coming to both PS3 and PC at a later date

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of players got confused though. Was this an X360 exclusivity that would not hit all other platforms? And why didn’t Bethesda announce it for PC and PS3? Well, good news PC and PS3 fans as this DLC will also hit those platforms at a later date."

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NastyLeftHook02757d ago ShowReplies(3)
rawrockkillz2757d ago

If they would have released this before Diablo 3, I would have gotten it. Diablo 3 is going to take all my gaming time up.

NastyLeftHook02757d ago

i hear you, my pc is crap, so it wont play this and i doubt this is coming to xbox 360 or ps3 so im going to bring out the credit card once more because im a big fan.

ATi_Elite2757d ago

.....I have NO time for Skyrim! I haven't even bought it yet but......

Timed Exclusive DLC only screws over gamers! Pubs/Devs need to just stop with that CRAP and Sony/MS need to just stop wasting money on it!

That money could be used to make quality AAA Exclusives for your system that would make way more cash in the long run and entice gamers to buy your console unlike timed DLC which only hurts gamers.

Plus it makes your Pub/Dev team look greedy and petty then the game gets released for the other platforms and gets low sales cause the gamers feel jaded and now have moved on to something else.

I will buy Skyrim way later on down the road when i can get a PC Special Edition with all the DLC included......if i buy it at all cause by then Planeside 2 and Arma III will be out. Exclusives always take priority which is why wasting money on timed DLC is stupid!

Timed DLC is just STUPID and hurts GAMERS!!

ShinMaster2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

"" Sony/MS need to just stop wasting money on it! ""

Sony rarely does this. It is MS who pays for timed DLC and some timed "exclusive" downloadable games most of the time.

"" That money could be used to make quality AAA Exclusives for your system ""

Exactly. As I stated above, Sony doesn't spend a lot of money for timed stuff and focus on delivering exclusive games. MS and Sony are almost opposite when it comes to this.

WeskerChildReborned2757d ago

Yea i read the tweet and it isn't really bad that they are releasing it on another time cause let's say their are some glitches for the DLC, They got a month to fix them before they release for PS3 and PC.

KMCROC542757d ago

didnt they do something like that for the game & it still played like shit on a sony console.

SneeringImperialist2757d ago

*Cough* Fallout 3 * Cough Cough* Fallout New Vegas *Cough Cough* Oblivion lol

user54670072757d ago

"They got a month to fix them before they release for PS3 and PC."

Wouldn't most of them be differen't glitches since the game is running on differne't hardware

SilentNegotiator2757d ago

That's really not how it works. Unless they were completely clueless with the hardware and designed the code poorl-

Oh right. It's Bethesda.

Yea, you're right. Picking up tomatoes will crash the game and taking skooma will cause everyone to acquire Charlie Sheen's voice.

MysticStrummer2757d ago

Who didn't know this??? Oh well, Skyrim was over for me months ago. I'm awaiting Dragon's Dogma now. Better luck (and quality control) next time, Bethesda.

Kinger89382757d ago

Not agreeing to dragons dogma but the rest of your comment is how im feeling!

Tundra2757d ago

Hell Yeah! Can't wait for Dragon's Dogma. I'll admit, I love Skyrim but the gameplay/combat felt a little uninspired imo.

GamingPerson2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

lol M$ payed for this to be tmed exclusive? lame...

TekoIie2757d ago

Not very smart when it comes to business are you dude??? In 30 days this will be old news and many ps3 only players won't care as much as they did like with COD dlc...

Mr_cheese2757d ago

Yeah exactly. So in 30 days how many ps3 owners would have brough an Xbox for the dlc?i doubt that many if any.

GamingPerson2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I know why they did it. But they spend more money on third party games than first party games.

Remember they payed Rockstar 50Million for dlc? lmao! That is enough to fund a new ip!

M$ doesn't know what hardcore gamers want.

I can't hate on bethesda for making it timed exclusive M$ probably gave them $10 million. Easy money.

TekoIie2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

@ Mr cheese

You do realise this contract for timed exclusive DLC was made 3-4 years ago and included fallout 3, new Vegas and now skyrim?

Lets say for example 30,000 people decided they would buy an Xbox for this. Those people go on to buy XBL membership and they then buy all the DLC packs for at least 1 of those games. Here's my math based on uk prices:

30k xbox's retail value: £6mil (varies on SKU)
All buy 12 months XBL membership: £1.2mil
All dlc packs for fallout 3: £900k
30k fallout 3 sales at full retail value: £1.2mil

I dunno how much ms paid for such a deal but that is for one game and only involves people who bought the Xbox for the game and doesn't include total sales. I am aware all of the money doesnt go to ms but I would hope that it shows how that deal can bring in money for ms.

modesign2757d ago

i stopped playing skyrim on ps3 after 3 months. there is better stuff out there.

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